Scalable to Infinity

Scalable platforms are the key to EKRA's success. For 45 years, top-class screen and stencil printing systems have been designed, developed and built in Bönnigheim. The clou in the SERIO product range: every initial configuration of the machine can be retrofitted as needed in the field at any time. A wide range of options and features allow machine configurations for any production requirement.


What's New Inside EKRA?

In the interview with Tim Wurlitzer, Product Manager Torsten Vegelahn reveals this year's new products in the SERIO stencil printing product area.


100% Traceability

In the INSIGNUM Scan range, we offer reading systems that ensure seamless traceability in your production line.


"ASYS Inside" in April: Variable Solutions for Your Marking Process

In the webinar, we will present new solutions in the INSIGNUM 6000 Laser Series, for precise marking of extreme PCB formats. Also new features and options in the INSIGNUM 4000 Laser will be presented as well as a highspeed model in the scan area.


Exemplary commitment of our training ambassadors

Jan Staigle and Barbara Scheck have been involved as training ambassadors for ASYS for 3 years. They present the company as well as their apprenticeship profession at various schools and public events - and answer questions from interested students.


Central Product Management for all INSIGNUM Systems

The external programming of machines without interrupting production is essential in modern manufacturing today. With our INSIGNUM offline programming, new products can be created while the machine is running in the automatic process.


Brose Again Opts for INSIGNUM 4000 Laser Marking Systems

German automotive supplier Brose has relied on ASYS Group products for 20 years. Four additional INSIGNUM 4000 high-end laser marking systems were purchased for the Brose subsidiaries in Germany and Serbia. The decisive factor was that the higher requirements in cycle time and accuracy are met.


What's New Inside INSIGNUM?

In the interview with Tim Wurlitzer, Product Manager Swen Nothjunge reveals this year's new products in the INSIGNUM Marking & Verification product line.


Thanks for your participation in the ASYS Inside webinar

We say thankyou for participating in our "ASYS Inside" webinar. We are pleased to offer you our palletizing solutions from the PARIO product range. Tailored to your requirements, we develop concepts for any automation level. For example, we can automate your material flows with Euro pallets with the help of an AIV connection.


DIVISIO Offline Programming

From Data Handling to Finished Product Changeover at the Machine


Reduced programming efforts & less production downtime - ASYS Offline Programming

In our PULSE PRO software module "Program Preparation" independent applications are available for the offline programming of the ASYS machines INSIGNUM, DIVISIO and SERIO. In a short video, product manager Swen Nothjunge explains the advantages using the example of INSIGNUM offline programming.


Discover The New Edition of Our ASYS Image Brochure

Who is the ASYS Group, in which industries are we active and which process solutions does our extensive portfolio include? Our current image brochure bundles all important information and illustrates our company core - automation - linked with two further dimensions: Digitalization and Connectivity.


Design your autonomous production island with TECTON palletizers

We combine TECTON palletizers and ASYS process machines to various production islands. For example, a palletizer in combination with a DIVISIO depaneling machine forms a complete system.


ASYS TECTON – Your Specialist for Systematic Material Flow

As an independent company within the ASYS Group, TECTON develops and produces high-quality handling and transfer systems. Its core competence includes product handling with palletizing systems and the reliable connection of assembly processes with linear transfer systems.


ASYS Inside - Autonomous component handling with Euro pallets

Look forward to the second webinar in our "ASYS Inside" series this year. ASYS TECTON will present the PARIO family of palletizing systems. It offers handling capabilities for a wide range of tray and part sizes across many industries. The webinar will focus on the PARIO 5000.


Extended Reach and Autonomy for Your Tray Handling Systems

To ensure that our PARIO Tray Handling Systems can be used to the maximum in 24/7 operation, we offer them with options for maximum range. These include extended infeed and outfeed areas to reduce manual tray changes to a minimum. Our trolley solutions are the next evolution for internal logstic concepts.


S10 Puro Cleaning Rolls for a Stable Printing Process

EKRA's cleaning rolls give you excellent cleaning results in your printing systems. The rolls are available in many different sizes, with both plastic and cardboard cores. This means they can be used quite flexibly in your printers.


EKRA PURE WIPES – Cleaning Wipes for the Shop Floor

The EKRA PURE WIPES have been revised and appear in a new look. The cleaning wipes are now available in compact boxes which can be stored in a space-saving way. The handling is easier, e.g. the boxes can be easily removed with a gripping robot. Autonomous material supply - no problem with EKRA also in the consumables area.