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Installed More than 100 Times

With PULSE, the smart assistance systems, we have created a unique solution that has already proven itself in many productions.

PULSE Community

The PULSE network

PULSE collects the data of all machines and systems on the shop floor. The information is reduced to the essentials, linked to practical applications and made available to the user on suitable devices. PULSE consists of configurable software solutions and mobile devices. The connection to systems and plants plays an important role. Only through them can a complete production line, including storage systems and autonomous transport robots be monitored. ASYS offers an open interface that can be used by other manufacturers. These manufacturers have formed a so-called "PULSE Community", which actively supports the solution.

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Further information about our ASYS Software Solutions

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Messages on the Wrist

A popular software application for PULSE is "Alerts&Info". This app makes machine messages available on Smartwatch and Tablet. It makes the operator's work much easier. On the mobile device, the most important line information is displayed in real time and prioritized. This creates a useful task list and the operator can take immediate action. Process routes are shortened and error detection is simplified.


Operator Support

Tailored to the User

For the mobile notification it is important to have information as far as possible to fit exactly to the user and to cut it to size. For this purpose, the configuration of PULSE can be carried out at a central workstation.
Responsibilities can be assigned by assigning machines to users. Messages can be individually configured and changed. It is also possible to send messages or tasks to the Smartwatches.


Mobile operation, central information

Available Machine Information Anytime and Anywhere

PULSE also offers smart applications for the tablet. With them, documents and service information can be stored centrally and accessed via mobile devices. Status information, measured values or live camera images of machines provide deeper insights into the running process. In addition, operating panels can be called up and mobile machine operation can be carried out.


The PULSE Apps

Configurable to your Needs

  • Alerts&Info displays real-time machine alerts on smartwatches and tablets. 
  • User2Machine makes it possible to assign machines to users and thus reduce the number of alerts on the respective smartwatches. (Available for PC)
  • Alert Manager makes alerts customizable and optimizable. Specific or unwanted alerts can be blocked with this app. (Available for PC)
  • Messenger sends messages from users to PULSE Devices. In the dialog it can be clarified which operator can take over a task. (Available for PC and Smartwatch)
  • File-Box enables central storage of machine-specific documents on mobile devices. (Available for Tablet)
  • Support-Me makes service information available for mobile use (available for Tablet)
  • Operation enables mobile operation and setup of systems. (Available for Tablet)
  • Live-View sends live videos of the producing machine via webcam (Available for Tablet)
  • Machine-Cockpit Display status information or measured values, depending on machine type, the necessary information (Available for Tablet)
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