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Smart Factory Ready!

Because we connect with everyone - partner facilities, material storage cabinets, AIVs - we can offer you more. Our solutions for Smart Shop Floor Management combine software, hardware and connections.


Manufacturer-Independent and in Real Time

We attach great importance to open interfaces and cooperation with partner companies. Only when all systems are connected to a software solution can real added value be created for you and your production. We always offer complete solutions and make suggestions as to which software with which connection and which device will bring you the best benefit. Smart applications integrate real-time data of the production line and the material logistics and make your production more effective and continuously improve it.


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Keep the Line Running

PULSE is on the road to success - more than 100 lines have already been installed. The software is able to detect line stops and reduce the number by smart notification. The operator carries the Watch with PULSE software directly on the body to always and everywhere to have access to all necessary information. A tablet on the production line can be used to replace manuals and operator terminals. PULSE makes machine maintenance even easier. In addition to status and service information, live videos offer the possibility of monitoring critical processes within a machine.




Optimize Line Performance

The software solutions of the OIC-Suite make the line more efficient. Various apps can be combined and called up within the desktop application.

  • IC-Statistic makes it possible to carry out different evaluations of the production such as bottleneck or error Pareto analyses.
  • The IC-Performance software documents the line performance.
  • A product change for the entire line in just a few minutes: This is the core functionality of IC-Run. The software makes it possible to prepare programs centrally and carry out the product change.

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PULSE Community

Achieving more together


Always Well Connected

We are committed to standards. At the level of machine-to-machine communication, for example, this is HERMES. As founding members of the initiative, we have not only implemented the interfaces, but have also developed concepts for functions that have never existed before. Our PULSE and OIC software offers open standard interfaces, which are constantly being expanded. 

We have implemented more than 200 line connections to MES systems. As members of the IPC-CFX association and with the new version of the HERMES standard, we are also working on vertical integration.


Intuitively Operable

SIMPLEX is a unique human-machine interface (HMI) for controlling and monitoring highly complex production machines. Complex input tasks can be performed intuitively on large touch or multi-touch displays. Multi-Touch technology, for example, makes it possible to enlarge a PCB view and place markers by simply touching the screen. In recent years, our process machines have been equipped step by step with the award-winning SIMPLEX user interface.

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