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Grows with Your Requirements - ASYS Material Logistics

We automate your entire shop floor thanks to our unique product portfolio of warehouse, logistics and transport systems, software solutions and connections.

ASYS Material Logistics

At first glance complex, but with our support quite simple: We automate your material flows on the shop floor. You can proceed step by step and let the amount of autonomy and scope of shop floor logistics grow according to your needs. Have you already thought about how to store your magazines in a space-saving way? Or bring moisture-sensitive components just-in-time to your line? Do you know how to make consumables available in a time-saving and user-friendly way? Or how do you manage to avoid worrying about material tourism? We have the right solution for you.


Material Inbound



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Our Material Logistics Portfolio at a glance 

Material Logistics brochure

Material Logistics

The Highlights of the Overall Solution

The vision of ASYS is an overall connected production, a fully integrated logistics solution for the transport and storage of printed circuit boards, component reels and magazines. The ASYS Group has a broadly diversified portfolio in the areas of software, dry storage systems, material warehouses and handling. Therefore ASYS offers unique solutions for material logistics from one source. 

For Every Material

We offer equipment and solution concepts for different materials from component rolls, magazines, printed circuit boards, consumables, KLT boxes, trays, waste bins and more.


From Manual to Fully Automatic

No matter whether you want to use operators or transport robots, we optimize your transport routes thanks to intelligent software and coordinated equipment.

Space Saving

Eliminate the many local storage locations in your production and create central storage locations for component rolls, KLT boxes and magazines that can be automatically approached. The Dry Tower and Material Warehouse use the maximum hall heights for storage and can be easily expanded thanks to their modular design.

More about our Storage Systems

Scalable to Complete Solutions

ASYS material stations can grow into isolated solutions that can be used for material entry, line support or feeder set-up.


Keeping an Eye on the Material

We support different solutions, which enable you to keep an eye on your material stock. The automatic counting of component rolls, the allocation of labels with a unique ID, the reading and evaluation of RFID tags and, last but not least, smart software for material monitoring, management and calculation of requirements.


Unique portfolio

Material Logistics Products

Discover our unique products in the fields of Transport, Storage, Inbound goods and Software.
Material Logistics Modules

Transport Solutions


AIV for the autonomous transport of materials to production lines or storage systems. The flexible platform can collect magazines, reel containers, boxes and trays.


Manual transport system for magazines, reel containers, boxes and trays.

Magazine Loader

Loading and unloading system for printed circuit board magazines on the line. These can be supplied manually or autonomously by AIVs.


Container for the transport of component reels. This can be identified by RFID or code and transported autonomously by AIV.

Further information about our transport solutions can be found in the Product Finder.

To our Material Logistics Products

Material Logistics Modules

Storage Solutions

Dry Tower

Fully automated Dry Tower for space-optimized storage of moisture-sensitive component reels. The random access to each unpacked component reel offers tact time optimized storage and release.

Material Warehouse

Fully automated Material Warehouse with a flexible and chaotic storage concept for magazines, boxes and trays on a minimal floor space. The modular design allows a quick and easy expansion of the storage capacity at any time.

Material Station

Material station for the direct provision of material at the point of consumption or for temporary storage.

S10 select

Storage system for air-conditioned storage and controlled preparation of solder paste and other consumables according to the FIFO principle.


The CONSIDUS dry storage systems from ASYS Prozess- und Reinraumtechnik ensures optimum dry storage conditions. The cabinets can individually be adapted to the specific requirements of the stored goods. The entire cabinet volume can be heated to 40° degrees for active component drying.

Further information about our storage systems can be found in the Product Finder.

To our Material Logistics products

Material Logistics Modules

Material Inbound

Material Inbound

The Material Inbound can be configured individually depending on the scenario. The modules are the Material Station, M-Station Reel, Scan&Label, Component Counter and Loading / Unloading Station. The station can be approache manually, by trolley or by AIV.


Receiving station with smart software for autonomous material detection, allocation of the Unique ID and application of a label for unique identification.

Component Counter

Component Counter for automated counting of the number of components on the component reels. The component counter can be fully integrated into the inline process.

Loading / Unloading Station

Loading / Unloading Station for fully automatic loading and unloading of component reels into the Container.

M-Station Reel

Reel stations for the transport of individual component reels. They connect all elements of the inbound goods process, such as Scan&Label, Loading Station, Counting Station or Dry Tower.

Further information about our Material Receiving Station can be found in the Product Finder.

To our Material Logistics products

Material Logistics Modules

Material Software Solutions

Material Manager

Smart software solution for consumption-oriented material management including determination of material requirements, creation of commission lists, detailed order planning and AIV connection. 

Logistic Package

Intelligent software for integration and connection of all modules for the autonomous transport and transfer to the linked machines.

Fleet Manager

Fleet manager for the organisation and distribution of tasks for the AIV´s, considering the state of charge and current location.

MSL Manager

Software module for monitoring and tracing the Floor-Life-Time of moisture-sensitive components.

MES Package

Interface for connection to higher-level software systems like MES, ERP and other 3rd party systems.

Factory Conductor

The Factory Conductor is a modular link between ERP and the production lines of the entire electronics manufacturing industry and supports manufacturer-independent process optimization. Our unique software solution can easily be integrated with existing MES and ERP systems so it can quickly and easily be implemented into existing software structures. 

More about the Factory Conductor

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