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Multiboard Processing – More Capacity, More Speed, More Throughput

What would you say if we offered you a 320% increase in throughput? Impossible? Not with us. Thanks to our highly sophisticated solutions for the multiple processing of printed circuit boards, we can significantly increase your output.

The combination of our handling systems with possible multiple assignment of magazine slots and the X5 Professional printer with the Optilign MultiCarrier option allows quantities to skyrocket. Up to 320% more throughput is possible on this production island.


  • Significant increase in line performance
  • Reduced transport downtimes
  • Stress-free handling - highest printing accuracy


Contactless Multiple Loading of Magazine Slots

With our unique magazine solution we achieve up to six times more capacity. Thanks to the patented clamping technology, the assemblies can be stored within one slot without touching each other. Depending on slot length and width, up to three PCBs can be inserted one behind the other and two rows next to each other. The PCBs do not touch each other at any time, neither during loading nor unloading. So far, VEGO AES03 Speed and AMS03 Speed are the only systems suitable for this handling.


  • Up to 6-fold increase in capacity
  • Fewer magazine changes - resource-saving handling of line loading/unloading
  • Less space required by reducing the number of magazines


Maximum Output With Highest Precision

The Optilign MultiCarrier option is available for the X5 Professional printing system and can be easily integrated into an existing line concept. Optilign MultiCarrier allows up to four product carriers or PCBs to be printed simultaneously.

Align individually, print simultaneously - this is the principle behind the Optilign option. This allows multi-row carriers with the smallest of circuit boards to be processed quickly and precisely. With Optilign MultiCarrier, this is now possible for several product carriers at the same time.  The printing system collects up to four carriers, which are transported together into the process area. Each substrate is then individually aligned and then all carriers are printed simultaneously in one step. Afterwards the carriers are transported together into the outfeed. The outfeed passes the product carriers on again individually to the next production station. Instead of the product carriers, Optilign MultiCarrier can also directly process up to four PCBs with a total length of up to 510mm.


  • Up to 320% more throughput
  • Effectively eliminates stretch problems
  • Highest accuracy in ultra-fine pitch


ASYS Group Technology Days – Tech Session TS 06

The Technology Days will focus on technology-oriented lectures on the topics of 5G, fuel cells and life science as well as practical technology sessions. Under the title "Multi-Board Processing - Precision & Speed - Collect Your Boards and Speed Up" (TS 06) the ASYS experts will give you a deeper insight into the topic described above. Register now for our Technology Days and optimize your production to the maximum!

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