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Discover Our Powerful Software Solutions

ASYS Software Functions at a Glance

Our goal is to support the human factor in the production and make rapidly growing complexity manageable. With our Software Solutions we are providing smart functionalities which is turning the vision of an intelligent factory into reality today.


Optimize your Production due to Statistical Analysis


Our Software Solution provides statistical analysis and helps to improve the production process. Planners and operators are able to locate possible bottlenecks and sources of error through evaluations of the machine and plant data. This optimizes the capacity utilization of the production.

  • Statistics at a glance through visual display of cycle times of individual systems, standby times or set-up times
  • Optimization of line utilization and line planning
  • Supports planner and operator with software tool for evaluation of line performance
Product Change

Product Changeover for Complete Line by One Click


Stop losing time on product changeover with our Software Solution. With just one click, the changeover is triggered. The parameters are sent to all machines in the line. All settings are stored in a global database and can be checked, modified and duplicated at any time.

  • Database with central product management and line control 
  • Integration of all ASYS Group machines as well as third-party systems
  • Reuse of existing programs
  • Simple creation of line recipes, editing of VEGO Dynamic programs
  • Faster NPI compared to programming on individual systems

Product change of a line in a few minutes

Simple, controlled product changeover of the entire line

Avoidance of conversion errors


Reduced Micro-Stops with Notifications on your Wrist

The primary goal of smart assistance systems is, to support Operators in their daily work. Intelligent data transmission helps to react immediately and prevent machine stops.

PULSE Alerts&Info

  • Receive notifications from all machines in the line
  • Avoid unnecessary stops with pre-warnings of empty material
  • Reduce reaction time with an immediate notification
  • Clear assignment of interruption and guidance for the operator

PULSE Alert Manager

  • Optimization of the visual and haptical feedback of a notification
  • Blocking of notifications not required

PULSE User2Machine

  • Optimal planning of employees at the lines
  • Clear allocation of responsibilities

Request Specific Support by Using Integrated Messenger

PULSE Messenger

The PULSE Messenger is an extensive chat application in our system for the communication among employees in the factory. It enables a multitude of possibilities for the usage. Tasks can be distributed faster and operators can easily request help. The messenger is flexibly usable on PC‘s and Smartwatches.

Save walking routes with integrated messenger

Fast communication among employees through Messages via PULSE smart watches

Universally applicable

  • Request help from supervisor 
  • Send tasks from central station to operators at the line
  • Determination of which operator takes over a task
  • Replying to messages with PULSE smart watches
  • Storage of message histories

Keep Control by Overviewing all Lines

The ASYS Software Solutions offer a variety of monitoring options to keep track of all connected machines. The Operator Always knows what is going on in every situation. All for the purpose of keeping production running and increasing productivity. Discover our various functionalities for machine monitoring.

PULSE Live-View

  • Live video on PULSE devices
  • Free placeable camera
  • Monitoring of critical processes


  • Service information can be requested
  • E.g.: Serial number of the machine, ASYS support hotline and software version

PULSE File-Box

  • Centralized access to machine specific documents on mobile devices
  • Documents can be supplemented and extended


  • Software shows the number of all currently produced products in relation to the target and minimum throughput
  • Monitoring tool directly at the production line or in the office
Remote Control

Support Operator by Remote Machine Operation

PULSE Operation

The user interface of machines can be displayed on tablets and PCs. It allows you to operate and monitor machines regardless of their current location. This is a powerful support for the operator on the line. The machines can be operated from the back. These functions are protected by user authorization.

  • Access control panel of the machine on Tablets and PC
  • Secured operation with user authorization
  • Support operator with remote assistance
  • Operate machine while standing at back side
Program Preparation

Offine Programming of Machine Programs for Shortest NPI

With the ASYS Offline Programming Tools the machines can be programed during the operation. This significantly reduces downtimes during the production.

INSIGNUM / DIVISIO Offline Programming Tool

  • Offline programming during production
  • No production shutdown
  • No multiple programming required
  • Can be installed on any PC

INSIGNUM Product Pool

  • Share data by one data source for all INSIGNUM systems
  • Connection to MES possible

Material Software Solutions

Automation, control and tracing of all material flows and types of materials on the entire shop floor.


Factory Conductor

Modular link between ERP and the production lines of the entire electronics manufacturing industry to support manufacturer-independent process optimization.


Material Logistics

Automation of material flows on the shop floor through completely connected production, fully integrated logistics solution for the transport and storage of printed circuit boards, component reels and magazines.


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