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Closing the gap between Shopfloor and MES/ERP

More Transparency and Efficiency in Electronics Manufacturing

We have developed the ASYS Material Software together with MOTIVES a member of the ASYS Group. The Software provides a modern, web-based and modular product platform that takes your quality management to a new level.

The Factory Conductor is a modular link between ERP and the production lines of the entire electronics manufacturing industry and supports manufacturer-independent process optimization. The system can easily be extended by customer-specific workflows. In addition, the hardware of a 3rd party supplier can also be integrated.


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Further information about our ASYS Software Solutions

Factory Conductor brochure

Software brochure


Flexible and scalable


Software modules

  • Production scheduling
    Overview of production orders and production progress
    Manual and automatic order scheduling
  • Material management
    Tracing of material on the whole shopfloor
    Just-in-time material demand calculation
  • Detailed order planning
    Always online: Overview of the production progress in real time
    Overview of all orders in a list or a bar chart
  • Operating data display
    Monitoring of the complete electronics production across all machines / lines
  • Hitlist
    Real-time information of empty material
  • Factory calendar
    Defining basic production data
  • ERP manager (customer specific)
    Flexible interfaces to ERP / MES systems
  • Equipment manager (customer specific)
    Flexible interfaces to machines / stations
  • User management
    User specific roles and views
  • Equipment configurator
    Easy adaptation of customer specific environments
  • Electronic logbook
    Track and trace all events in real time

Material Manager

The material supply of the shop floor provides a logistical challenge. The material consumption is high and the component reels run quickly and frequently empty. Therefore, splicing is essential at an early stage and direct upgrading is necessary when the machine is at a standstill. The Factory Conductor provides the solution for the multi-stage material flow between the main warehouse, production warehouse and the production lines in the material management module in combination with the order management module:

Observe, calculating and controlling the material flow just in time.

Continuous Order and Material Management through production

Reduction of working assets

Lowering the operating costs

Process – Autonomous reel replenishment

  • Material search always up-to-date by online recording of all material movements and changes
  • Calculation of material requirements just-in-time
  • Support for material replenishment with different concepts
  • Customer-specific enhancements to the printout for setup

Material demand calculation

  • The demand of the material is being calculated over a specific time horizon
  • Displayed just-in-time

MSL Control

  • MSL times of the component reels are being included in the material demand calculation 
  • The moments of the withdrawal and the warehousing are being logged

Picking List

  • Lists are showing which materials need to be released from the stock over a certain time horizon
  • The lists are generated automatically

Detailed order planning

The module Detailed Order Planning of the FactoryConductor is an effective tool for precise order planning of the entire electronics production (across lines and machines). The planner is supported in the manual creation of the order sequence by the display of important information. The user interface is clear and intuitive. Individual views can be created by the user. This enables optimal transparency of the current and planned order processing. In addition, the orders and their essential times are displayed graphically in Gantt diagrams. In addition, the software tool "Automatic Planner" enables detailed job planning for SMD lines to be performed in a separate simulation area. Several simulation results are generated, deleted and compared. The best simulation result is transferred to the live planning. The automatic planner distributes selected production orders to 1-n lines. The result is influenced by parameters (weighting delivery date, number of setup changes) which are set by the planner. The result can also be changed manually afterwards.

Creation of an e cient order sequence which takes into account material consumption, employee break times or changeover times

Automated planning of line utilization in conjunction with placement software or planning by the operator

Optimization of material consumption

  • Insertion of orders via ERP connection
  • Manual detailed order planning
  • Integrated logbook
  • Blocking orders
  • Configurable workstation
  • Automatic notification of completed work to the ERP system
  • Tracking of the production line

Operating data display (ODD)

The Operating Data display (ODD) module of the FactoryConductor provides the perfect solution for displaying standardized KPI indicators such as Overall Plant Effectiveness (OEE) and individual views of the entire production line. Several tabs are available for a parallel view. The standardized machine information is displayed for all machine types. State-of-the-art technology enables event-controlled, up-todate displays that present the events on the production line online. An evaluation over a past period is possible at any time. By comparing target and actual values, production errors and quality deviations are detected promptly. Conversely, the effect of implemented improvement measures can be displayed directly and transparently. This makes the FactoryConductors quality management an extremely helpful tool for visualizing and supporting the analysis of the entire SMD production.

Increased transparency, productivity and quality

Support in reducing costs

Dynamic loading of new machine interfaces without production downtime

  • Monitoring of the complete electronics production across all machines / lines
  • Acquisition of complete machine/process data
  • Uniform display across all machine types
  • Creation of customer-specific analysis reports
  • Display of KPI key figures for upper management

Material Hitlist

With the FactoryConductor Material Hitlist module, it is possible to ensure continuous production and achieve greater productivity - thanks to advanced information management on the line. The hitlist predicts the next tasks for the line operator on the machines of a line. By quickly informing the operator about expected station downtimes, the operator can take timely measures to minimize downtime and increase production effciency. The web-based application enables the display on a clearly visible large screen hanging above the line as well as a workstation computer in the production preparation or control station.

Centrally placed, easily visible and clearly structured display

Reduced production downtime due to early notification of production problems

Higher productivity due to more continuous production

  • Display forecast of remaining time per container
  • Immediate display of production stops
  • Line display with „slowest“ machine display
  • Views are easily configurable to customer specifications
  • Early information about expected machine downtimes
  • Clearly visible display of information for line operators
  • Support of material replenishment through connection to tower

ASYS Software Functions

Intelligent software functionalities that already turn the vision of a smart factory into reality today.


Material Software Solutions

Automation, control and tracing of all material flows and types of materials on the entire shop floor.



Material Logistics

Automation of material flows on the shop floor through completely connected production, fully integrated logistics solution for the transport and storage of printed circuit boards, component reels and magazines.


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