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A loyal partnership: Mair Elektronik has been with EKRA for 20 years

Mair Elektronik has installed new EKRA printers at both its sites, in Schwaig and Eisleben. The company first looked to EKRA for printing expertise 20 years ago. An X5 Professional and a SERIO 4000 are the flagship models among the printing systems in use.

Treue Partnerschaft: Mair Elektronik setzt seit 20 Jahren auf EKRA

Mair Elektronik has installed new EKRA printers at both its sites, in Schwaig and Eisleben. The company first looked to EKRA for printing expertise 20 years ago. An X5 Professional and a SERIO 4000 are the flagship models among the printing systems in use.

When Mair Elektronik was looking to further expand its leadership role in technology at its main site in Schwaig, there was no doubt that the high-performance X5 Professional printer with integrated jet dispenser module was the right choice. The printer sees Mair Elektronik responding to the challenge of miniaturization in the industry. The X5 Professional runs with a print repeatability of ± 20 μm @ 6 Sigma, allowing it to deliver very high precision and print structures reliably as they become smaller and smaller. Korbinian Goerge, Technology Specialist at Mair Elektronik, explains that key features leading to the decision were paste inspection at PCB level and stencil inspection with subsequent fully automatic cleaning. The integrated iPAG 200 (formerly: iPAG Jet) jet dispenser, which can also apply adhesive, was another reason for the choice. Goerge also points to other vital features: "The fast set-up and programming times give us the flexibility that we, as an EMS service provider, need on a daily basis to serve our customers most effectively."

The SERIO 4000 was installed in Eisleben. The machine is the right choice for the site, as it comes with modular expansion options. Wolfgang Heyder, Sales Manager at ASYS, explains: "What we needed in Eisleben was the ability to respond flexibly and change over production quickly. We therefore chose the SERIO 4000, as it can be easily expanded in situ at any time with many different options."

By modernizing the two sites, Mair Elektronik is pursuing the general goal of the sector. "We want to automate the printing process as far as possible to take the workload off employees and use our people for other work that demands high quality. The EKRA systems put us in a great position for future challenges," says Goerge.

EKRA wants to win over and retain customers with reliability, experience and quality at the highest level. These values are the basis for long-term partnerships with customers. This has been demonstrated time and again: Mair Elektronik has now been a regular EKRA customer for around 20 years. "The fact that our first EKRA E1 printer from 1998 is still doing the job speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of EKRA. But a high-quality system on its own is not enough. It is the experience and support behind the product that give us the vital added value." Goerge emphasizes in particular: "From planning new systems to rapid technical support, we really believe EKRA is the right partner for us."

"Mair Elektronik is an innovative EMS service provider with extensive experience. We look back on a great collaboration that has always been based on mutual trust, and are delighted that Mair Elektronik has been with us for so long," says Wolfgang Heyder, Sales Manager at ASYS.


About Mair Elektronik

At Mair Elektronik, we cover the entire process chain for board assembly from our sites in Schwaig near Munich and in Lutherstadt Eisleben. This ranges from process development for your new product through advice on the design for manufacturing, procurement of electronic and mechanical components to production. Whether simple high-volume THT production or flexible SMT production of complex products in a cleanroom, whether small batches, prototype builds or medium quantities.

We coordinate the entire process development of your new products to suit the size of your project. Our technology team stays in permanent contact with your development team in this phase in particular, to identify issues and potential savings in the run-up to production.



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