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The Formula to Success

Reaching milestones with unity

Mathematicians and physicists are masters at presenting complex facts in a compressed form. We have also tried our hand at this. We put the latest machine developments under the premise “Generation Smart”. But what does this term mean? How do you make the considerations behind it tangible? Taking science as an example, we have developed a formula that summarizes the issue.

We will explain what this formula is all about and what improvements it brings with the DIVISIO 5100 depaneling system.

Access 360°

Networking Machines, Lines, Plants

360 degree accessibility starts with the machine, extends across the line to the entire shop floor and can be transferred to globally networked plants and locations in the future.

We have adapted the design of the DIVISIO 5100: the control cabinet has been moved upwards so that the system is now accessible from all sides. This allows 360° access. In addition, a 3D machine simulation is now available. This means that the axis movements are displayed in real time on the monitor and in the control station. Thanks to the use of a tablet, the system can now be operated from all sides, where the 3D view is also available.

With a new control system, the system is equipped for the “digital twin”. This means that a digital image of the system is generated. All sequences and processes can be programmed, simulated and consequently optimized in advance or during production.

24/7 – 365 Days

Continuous Production

The declared goal is to create a continuous production phase up to the maintenance shift. The complete networking of production is essential so that the systems can organize themselves. We implement a wide variety of interfaces in order to communicate vertically and horizontally in production.

With the proven industry 4.0 solution PULSE, we bring mobile devices and transport robots into the production environment. PULSE shows the operator the most important line information in real time, so he can take immediate action. Another aspect that plays a role here is offline programming. A product can be created at a PC work-station outside of production and be prepared for production – without machine standstill.

Further-more, in the DIVISIO 5100 a spindle condition monitoring via sensors is possible. Minimal changes in the bearing of the spindle can be measured here in order to point out their replacement in time. This ena-bles the machine to produce without interruption from maintenance shift to maintenance shift. Predic-tive maintenance is the key word.

Care 0 „ZERO“

Relying on Machine Intelligence

The aim of the Generation Smart is to relieve the operator as much as possible. Machines are designed collaboratively so that they themselves react to events in production and act independently or provide the operator with valuable recommendations for action. The DIVISIO 5100 has an integrated predictive setup control. A camera checks which grippers are equipped and compares them with the loaded job. In addition, force monitoring is carried out on the gripper. The machine then adjusts itself so that the product is exposed to as little stress as possible.

Another new feature is the dashboard integrated in the SIMPLEX HMI of the DIVISIO 5100. Among other things, axis parameters, gripping force, error mes-sages, good/bad part evaluations and maintenance cycles are clearly displayed here in order to reduce reaction times to a minimum and enable analyses.

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