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ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS – More Transparency and Efficiency on the Shop Floor

In order to enable the entry into Smart Factory, ASYS offers turnkey material logistics solutions for different levels of automation.

In order to enable the entry into Smart Factory, ASYS offers turnkey material logistics solutions for different levels of automation. These can be modular, scalable and individually tailored to the respective requirements. Thus, the first step towards the production of the future can be started today.

The Smart Factory consists of the five central processes - material receiving, storage, line setting, line support and transport. For this purpose ASYS offers complete solutions in the field of MATERIAL LOGISTICS, starting with incoming goods, through individual production processes up to outgoing goods, which cover the different requirements on the shop floor.

With the ASYS Receiving Station, goods receiving scenarios are realized for any kind of material. Right from the start all infiltrated materials are clearly identified and booked.

In production, all materials, such as PCBs in different production states, components in form of component reels, JEDEC trays or sticks as well as consumables, for example for the printing process, must be considered. ASYS supplies standardized and automatable containers for their autonomous transport. The material is distributed via autonomous transport systems - the ASYS AIVs.

Fully automated storage systems such as the ASYS Material Warehouse for PCB magazines, KLT boxes and trays and the Dry Tower for component reels are available for the storage of various materials. Buffer solutions in the form of M-Stations can be used for temporary storage.

All these modules must be networked to create the Smart Factory. Functions such as material management, product changeover and planning are realized by ASYS Software Solutions not only on the machine level, but also in the superordinate software systems. The ASYS Material Manager, as a MES-related system, is the central element for networking production. Thanks to it, consumption-oriented material management can be planned. The functions are versatile, for example, the ASYS Material Manager covers the following:

  • Connection of all machines
  • Detailed order planning and creation of picking orders
  • Registration of the material
  • Level indicators of the machines
  • Start of production orders
  • Management of a multilevel material supply

At the lines, the smart assistance system PULSE supports the operator in his work. Machine messages such as advance warning limits are transmitted on time via a smartwatch or tablet. This reduces micro-stops to a minimum.

Fabian Autenrieth, Product Manager MATERIAL LOGISTICS, describes the ASYS concept of success and the approach: "Individual, scalable concepts, tailored to your shop floor - that is our strength. We rely on a modular concept which allows us to implement our MATERIAL LOGISTICS solutions in different levels of automation and thus maximize the efficiency of your production. This enables us to take the first step towards a Smart Factory with you today, in order to build the future on it."

The ASYS experts are available for questions concerning the topic of MATERIAL LOGISTICS. ASYS offers a comprehensive consulting service, to develop in cooperation the perfect solution for the shop floor logistics.


  • Step-by-step Adaptation: The flexibility of the hardware and software modules from the MATERIAL LOGISTICS area enables step-by-step automation of the shop floor
  • Efficient Use of Personnel: Thanks to the high level of automation of production and logistics processes, personnel can be employed more efficiently and in a target-oriented manner
  • Just in Time: Efficient warehouse organization and networking enables just-in-time supply


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