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Laser Technology

For sensitive materials such as flex circuit boards, ceramics, glass, cSi solar cells and much more


Laser Systems for High-Precision Material Processing

In the POLYPHOS product line we offer you solutions for material processing by means of laser technology. Materials such as FR4, polyimide, metal, ceramics, cSi solar cells, etc. can be processed with a variety of laser processes. From laser marking for traceability during the SMT process, processes to increase the efficiency of solar cells, joining processes such as soldering and welding, to micro material processing. Depending on the requirements, the laser system can be configured individually.

Our Highlights:

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Our POLYPHOS Laser Depaneling Portfolio at a glance

Download POLYPHOS DP Overview

Focus On

Precision up to 10µm

By using digitally controlled laser deflection, industrial image processing and precision engineering, you can achieve the highest accuracies.

Easiest Operation

Our SIMPLEX interface simplifies orientation and significantly reduces operating errors.

Over 20 Years Experience

Our experts transfer your requirements into laser machines. For process qualifications, our laser laboratory is available.

Laser Technology

The Right Laser Process for Every Material

Laser processes are best suited for processing sensitive substrates. They enable the highest precision and reduce mechanical stress to a minimum. Thanks to our technological know-how, we can process almost all kinds of materials using a wide range of laser processes.

Laser Depaneling

Thanks to the laser, rigid and flexible PCBs can be separated with an accuracy of ±25µm without mechanical stress, as well as particle-free. Our machines meet the requirements for technical cleanliness according to VDA 19 and ISO 16232 and increase the degree of utilization of the PCB panel.

more about POLYPHOS laser depaneling

Laser Cutting

Reliable, low-maintenance fiber lasers and precision cutting heads on CNC axes are used for laser cutting of IMS and ceramic substrates. High accuracy is achieved with the help of an on-axis camera and industrial image processing. Gas assist and a particle extraction system ensure technical cleanliness.

Laser Marking

For laser direct marking of electronic (FR4) circuit substrates, CO2 lasers are used for color change and fiber lasers for removing the solder resist. Our product line INSIGNUM stands for the complete traceability solution in the Smart Factory. In addition, we supply individual solutions for metal, plastic and ceramic direct marking.

more about INSIGNUM Laser Marking

Laser Welding

The hermetically sealed welding of aluminum housings using a CNC welding head and a multi-kW fiber laser was developed by us for the production of (partially) autonomous vehicle cameras. In addition, we offer the integration of laser plastic welding processes into our final assembly solutions.

Laser Cleaning

Cleaning surfaces by laser is suitable for tasks where precise, local control is required. This includes surface pretreatment of sealing and bonding surfaces on aluminum die casting, plastic injection molding, and selective removal of flux residues on bond surfaces. Electronics that have already been mounted are not damaged.

Laser Soldering

For joining temperature-sensitive components such as in Li batteries and medical sensors, which cannot be assembled using the standard SMD reflow process, we offer a selective laser reflow process using fiber laser.

Micro Machining

The customized solution for micro material processing, such as scribing, ablation, drilling, etc. of metal, silicon or ceramics. Depending on the process, different beam sources and automation levels are used.

Quality Promise

Precision, Optimization & Innovation

Laser Laboratory

In the laboratories at the Dornstadt site, process and application engineers test the latest laser technologies and optimize them for different materials and processes. This enables us to find the right laser process for your product and support you in process qualification.

  • In-house laser laboratory

Precision Makes the Difference

We ensure the positioning accuracy of the lasers with a specially developed three-stage calibration procedure and industrial image processing. This ensures the highest precision of our laser processing machines.

  • Specially developed calibration procedure
  • Guarantees highest precision

Connections to all Systems

With the import/export and synchronization applications of Factory Connect, any data and information are able to communicate with existing MES / ERP systems. Also new standards like an IPC-CFX interface is already integrated in the ASYS PULSE Pro Suite. Here ASYS closes the gap between the shopfloor and superior systems by forming a continuous active data bridge between the shopfloor and the MES of a production.

High-End Technology

Dust- and Stress-Free Excise of Rigid and Flexible PCBs – POLYPHOS DP 9000

The POLYPHOS DP 9000 Series is a cost-effective machine platform for high throughput depaneling of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards.

All ASYS Process Systems - One User Interface

Are you looking for simple and intuitive machine operation? Preferably across all process machines within a line? With SIMPLEX User Interface you control all ASYS systems via a touch display using familiar gestures. This minimizes training times and considerably simplifies operating procedures.

  • NEW: SIMPLEX Offline-Tool
    With this extension you can create a new product - while production is running.

more about SIMPLEX

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