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ASYS Life Science

Automation Solutions for the Life Science Industry

High-end engineering for your automation task.

ASYS Life Science

ASYS has followed the path of automation for almost 30 years. Our mission is: Automate, Digitalize, Connect. On our way to the Smart Factory, we offer solutions for all branches. Especially for the automation of products for the Life Science, Electronics or Energy industry. Medical electronics is the closest to our core business, but many automation solutions and ASYS products apply to a wide range of medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotech products.

Further information about our life science products

Life Science brochure

Life Science Assembly Platform - Module X brochure

Life Science Lateral Flow Device Assembly brochure

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1. Depalletizing, tray unloading or manual workstations with scanner solutions and MES connections

2. Conditioned raw material storage

3. SMT production:
a) PCB transport and handling, buffer, cleaning
b) Scanner / laser and labeling equipment
c) Solder paste printer

4. Rework stations

5. Conditioned storage of semi-finished products

6. Depaneling (milling, sawing, laser)

7. Testing

8. Assembly of finished products (medical technology, diagnostics, biotech and pharmaceuticals)

9. Tray Loading & Palletizing in the shipping department

10. PULSE Pro for comprehensive factory monitoring and control on the shopfloor level

11. Material flow planning and automation with AIV/AGV

12. Cleanroom planning and realization of cleanroom technology or integration into machines

ASYS Applications in the Life Science Industry

Increasing life expectancy combined with new possibilities of diagnostics and therapeutics offers new opportunities to help patients worldwide. Automation in the Life Science industry is the key lever to reduce costs while increasing quality. We offer comprehensive and GMP-compliant machine and process solutions from one source. Even if your application is not listed below, please contact us. True to our motto „Transforming Ideas“, we look forward to your request.

Medical Electronics

The ASYS Group is the leading automation company in the electronics manufacturing industry. In addition to the solar and semiconductor industry, we apply our expertise to the Life Science industry. The innovative systems realize tasks from incoming goods, production, up to the storage of components and products. Over 1,300 employees develop and implement turnkey solutions at 13 locations worldwide. We have already developed and built systems for the continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels, sensor technology for blood gas analysis at the point of care or the production of sensors for blood pressure monitoring. We have also realized test systems for medical devices or the production of control units for hospital equipment.

Medical Electronics brochure

ASYS Product Portfolio for the Medical Electronics Industry


Fast and reliable test cartridges are required for the comprehensive diagnosis of viruses, bacteria and germs, not only since COVID 19. We supply efficient and reliable production systems for manufacturers of rapid in-vitro diagnostic tests at the point of care (POC), who are required to manufacture these in accordance with ISO 13485 or FDA 21 CFR Part 820. On our ASYS systems, we produce sophisticated consumables in a matter of seconds.

ASYS Product Portfolio for the Diagnostics Industry


Implants, mostly class III medical devices, require special care in their manufacture. Components for pacemakers or hearing implants, for example, are produced and tested on our ASYS systems. Our systems are also used to package class IIb medical products, such as knee joints or ceramic hip joints, or to mark them with a Unique Device Identification (UDI). Sensitive processes which can only have one thing in common - reliability and know-how - we offer both.

ASYS Product Portfolio for Implants

Wound Care

In wound care, there are challenging tasks. The printing of silicone strips on variable wound pads is one of them. Due to our handling and thick-film printing competencies, companies in this market segment trust us. We automate your processes around the production of high-end wound pads.

ASYS Product Portfolio for Wound Care

Imaging Diagnostics

The production of imaging diagnostic devices is not characterized by high volumes. Nevertheless we are a supplier of components for this challenging niche. With our printing systems for the finest 3D structures, we contribute to a significant improvement in imaging resolution. Here the flexibility and precision of additive manufacturing pays off. 

ASYS Product Portfolio for Imaging Diagnostics


The automation of the production of pharmaceuticals - we also realize this with our ASYS systems. This starts with handling tasks in the loading and unloading of containers and trays, continues with stacking for pasteurizing injection solutions in glass vials and continues with the production, labelling and palletizing of combination packs. We can even offer the printing of solid pharmaceuticals using the screen printing process. All from one source.

ASYS Product Portfolio for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Cell Therapy

In cell and gene therapy for the research and treatment of cancer, components for cell sorting and separation are required. Manufacturers in this rapidly growing and demanding industry rely on our many years of automation expertise.

ASYS Product Portfolio for the Cell Therapy

Life Science Solutions

Our Solutions for the Life Science Industries

As a leading machine builder for automation solutions, we also apply our expertise in electronics production to other life science industries. Over 1,300 employees at 13 locations worldwide develop and implement turnkey solutions in accordance with GxP guidelines.

Handling in Production & Assembly

We handle components as well as assembled parts or packaged products. We transport or stack them in controlled or clean rooms. In this way we reduce distances, personnel costs and increase quality and production volume. We are automation specialists with heart - we have the right ideas for you too!


Marking & Verification

In 1998 we first began to develop laser marking systems for the traceability of electronic components - a lot has happened since then. In addition to different product lines for marking components, today we use a wide variety of laser sources (green, fiber, Co2, UV) for cutting, soldering or welding. Visual monitoring and verification are useful additions. To this day, we have already supplied thousands of standard and special solutions to various industries. On this basis we are constantly expanding our customer segments and therefore we also offer you our competence in marking and verification for your challenges in the life science industry.



Regardless of material, size or contour - our DIVISIO depaneling machines separate your PCB from the panel with a precision of 10µm. Whether as stand-alone solution, inline or offline system - we deliver a machine that is perfectly adapted to your requirements and your production. We rely on proven separation processes: sawing and routing. The 1000th sold system proves the success and experience of 20 years of DIVISIO depaneling. Especially in the Life Science sector, laser depaneling has proven itself in many projects. The avoidance of mechanical stress, the accuracy, the cleanliness but also the high output capacity makes it the ideal solution for the demanding field of medical technology and diagnostics.


Assembly Solutions

Since many years ASYS has been solving assembly tasks for customers in a wide range of industries such as automotive, consumer goods or industrial products. In the INVENTUS division, the most diverse automation processes and technologies are combined to create customer-specific solutions. We have newly developed life science assembly platforms and tailored them specifically to the requirements of the regulated industry. We use modules from all business units. This helps us to provide a process-safe and GxP-compliant solution at short notice.



Originally started with the integration and automation of test adapters for printed circuit boards, today we develop and integrate a wide variety of tests for the manufacturing processes, optical checks, leakage tests or functional tests. If required, the whole thing can also be 21 CFR Part 11 (ER/ES) compliant.


Trayloading & Palletizing

The automation of production processes is often divided into different value-added steps. Partly at different locations worldwide. The intermediate storage or outsourcing of components for further processing characterizes this process. We use our expertise in handling components, trays and pallets on a daily basis to further perfect the automation process. In doing so, we build on our standard product PARIO, but we are happy to adapt it to your process. The solution to your task is our focus. This is our mission.

More about Trayloading & Palletizing


The ASYS subsidiary EKRA offers standard printing systems and customized solutions for thick film applications. Further areas of application are the printing of fine structures, three-dimensional bodies (3D printing) or functional layers on various materials such as glass, ceramics, LTCC/HTCC, foils, metallic tubes or wafers.


Cleanroom Solutions

From the first idea to the turnkey clean room - ASYS Prozess- und Reinraumtechnik develops individual solutions from clean workplaces, laminar flow units to drying storage cabinets and dynamic storage systems. With our solutions you protect your products in production according to GMP, ISO and VDI.


Material Logistics

Autonomous material supply is the central element of the intelligent factory. ASYS is a system provider that can offer the customer a complete solution. The Dry Tower and the Magazine Warehouse are the cornerstones for ASYS to implement complete solutions in the field of material logistics. Another element are self-organized AIVs, which allow material flows to be planned in advance in order to avoid production stops. In addition, software products are increasingly coming into focus in order to coordinate complex processes in line with requirements. The Material Manager collects information from all systems in the shop floor and makes the right decisions based on the data.


PULSE PRO Software Suite

With digitalization, the focus is shifting from hardware solutions to software topics. The ASYS PULSE PRO Software Suite offers seven software modules that will help you to control automated material flows in the shop floor, to achieve a dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to track all data flows. PULSE PRO is easily operated via a cockpit and meets the highest demands for simple handling. The high quality usability is based on the tasks of the operators. Even with complex contents and functions, the users find their way to their goal quickly and easily.

MORE ABOUT the PULSE PRO Software Suite

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