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Experts for Special Printing Solutions

Product Area HYCON


Special Solutions for Printing

In the HYCON product area we bundle our many years of experience in thick film technology. With special machines developed for the screen printing process, we can implement any special printing solution with you. We apply different paste systems on the most diverse substrates with highest precision.

Would you like to print on special materials such as ceramics, foil, textiles, metals or silicon? Or do round or curved surfaces have to be processed? We will work with you to develop the right solution for your application - from paste selection to production line. Because our competence does not only refer to the printing process, we also develop handling and drying solutions for your requirements.

In addition to classic screen printing processes, we also use screen printing technology to produce complex, high-precision components. The most diverse materials can be processed in powder form in the 3D screen printing process. Are you interested in 3D mass production processes? Rely on us - we develop tailor-made solutions for you. 


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Special Print

Overview of our Printing Solutions

Fuel Cells

Over the years, we have gained experience in the handling, drying and printing of fragile, thin substrates in high volume production processes in our photovoltaic sector. This experience helps us to offer you a tailor-made solution for the production of membranes, such as those used in high-temperature cells. From the single pressure system, usable for sealing pressure and membrane pressure, up to the highly automated production solution.

Of course, we also offer you the possibility to develop your process in our application rooms.

Learn more

Special transport systems (paper transport, vacuum transport) for very thin substrates

Special Screen Printing Platform: Table and Inline Concepts for Borderless Printing

Optical alignment without mechanical stops, prevents breakouts

AutoHead squeegee system, fully automatic squeegee head for precise media application by screen printing

Pressure Sensors

Electronic controls, or sensors that are manufactured by means of thick film processes, can be easily processed with our systems, since they are usually flat and transportable.

But what does a production process look like in which the starting material is round and only a few centimeters in diameter? A typical picture, for example, for pressure sensors.


The challenges at a glance:

  • Print as many parts as possible in one step,
  • Tolerances in the individual part, both in diameter and in height, must be compensated before printing.
  • Height tolerances (part to part) for multiple pressure must be compensated.

Based on all these specifications, we have developed a production concept especially for round parts that are to be processed using thick-film technology.

Our unique solution:

  • A multi-part carrier concept, temperature stable up to 800°C, in order to avoid a rearrangement after the drying process before firing.
  • Individual parts alignment (position correction) before printing
  • Height tolerance compensation of all parts to each other, uniform offset distance (sieve to surface substrate)

In addition to the printing concept, we offer you the appropriate degree of automation and a coordinated drying concept.

Large Formats

We offer you a printer platform that processes substrates with a size of 1500 mm and can be individually adapted to the needs of the process. It does not matter whether the substrate is a glass, FR4 material or an endless flexible ribbon.  Depending on the application, the machine is equipped with the respective transport and/or clamping system. The machines are suitable for use with screen or stencil. In order to achieve optimum accessibility to the screen, the upper part of the machine can be moved in the Z-direction. This allows you to clean your sieve easily.

These printing systems are used for precision glass printing, endless flex (Printed Electronics) as well as SMD processes.

Alignement Modes:

  • Movable alignment camera between screen and substrate for maximum alignment flexibility
  • Alignment via fiducials, edges, laser trenches, image comparison
  • High speed mode, alignment with table cameras

Processing of substrates up to 1500 mm

Print direction in transport direction of the substrate

Closed loop screen printing squeegee unit for highest layer thickness stability

Substrate weight up to 20kg


Using our EKRA screen printing system, the metallization is printed layer by layer onto the unfired "green" ceramic foil and then fired. With one of our screen printers you can print Fineline structures up to 30µm. A conductive connection to the individual film layers can be achieved using the Via Fill or Through Hole process.

We realize LTCC/HTCC production as an entry-level variant with the semi-automatic XH STS printing system or as complete LTCC/HTCC line solutions within the ASYS Group.


EKRA LTCC/HTCC Printer Facts:

  • Fine-line printing up to 30 µm L/S (depending on paste)
  • Established Via filling and Through-hole process
  • Process-specific transport systems and pressure nests
  • Screen and stencil printing applications with only one system


  • Scalable production solution from table system to inline line
  • Complete line concepts from a single source
  • Highest precision due to measuring system in all axes
  • Auto Head squeegee unit for automatic downstop setting
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