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Discover our assistance system PULSE for your shop floor

Our PULSE products support the operator in the production. The software solution links all systems and machines on the shop floor.

Our PULSE Software Articles at a Glance

Standard Package PULSE Smart Assistance System
Smart Assistance System for the monitoring and operation of manufacturing machines. PULSE has various functionalities for increasing the productivity of machines and supporting the work of operators. Intelligent data transmission helps to react immediately and to avoid machine stops. The PULSE functionalities can be used on Smartwatch, Tablet and PC.

The following functionalities are included in the package:

  • Notifications about machine (pre-) warnings and stops
  • Overview of all connected machine with current states
  • Access to machine informations (e.g. user manual, circuit diagram, service informations)
  • Operating of machines
  • Display of live video from machines (Live-View camera necessary)
  • Alert-Manager: Configuration tool for modifying alerts from the machines
  • User2Machine: Configuration tool for assigning users to machines

Integration Package PULSE Connection ASYS Group Machine
Connection of an ASYS Group Machine to a PULSE System.

Extension Package PULSE Connection Partner Machine
Connection of a Partner Machine to a PULSE System.

PULSE Messenger
Messages can be sent from any PC in the PULSE network to one or more PULSE Watches. The Questions, information or tasks as well as answer-possibilities are defined on the PC. The receiver at the PULSE Watch replies accordingly or can forward the message to another device in the PULSE network. With PULSE Messenger, a target-oriented and fast communication between persons is achieved.


Our PULSE Hardware Articles at a Glance

PULSE Tablet
Our tablet for PULSE, with installed PULSE App. The operator receives an overview of all connected machines, notification and a display of warnings and machine downtimes.

A smartwatch for PULSE with a pre-installed PULSE App. The operator receives notifications, priority task lists and a display of warnings and machine downtimes on the watch.

ESD wrist strap set for PULSE Huawei Watch
The set contains three ESD changeable wrist strap adapters for attaching a changeable ESD wrist strap to the PULSE Huawei as well as the matching adapters.

A PC with Windows 10 LTSB operating system and a 22" monitor as well as trackball keyboard. This is already preconfigured for the installation of PULSE for you.

PULSE Live-View
The PULSE Live-View contains a freely placeable camera which streams the live-video to PULSE Tablets.This gives for example the possibility to monitor processes inside machines. The package also includes a magnetic holder, controller and power adapter.

The WiFi equipment package for the connection of all mobile devices to the PULSE system. An industrial WLAN router including transmitting antenna and connection cable are integrated in one machine.

Additional PULSE Articles

We also offer retrofits of the PULSE software on our machines, as well as updates. To learn how to use PULSE, we offer operator and setup training.

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