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DIVISIO Offline Programming

From Data Handling to Finished Product Changeover at the Machine

With offline programming, we give you a tool in which you can bundle information from various data sources. Import CAM data, Gerber or DXF-files instantly. Tool and machine data are made available from the engineering department. Based on this data, the programming for the product changeover is created in the office. This considerably reduces the setup times at the machine.

Offline programming is available for all DIVISIO systems and is anchored in the "Program Preparation" module as part of the PULSE PRO Suite.

Benefits of Offline-Programming

Increased machine availability
Changeover times reduced by 70% to 90% (with tablet)

Reduced personnel
Less personnel deployment on the store floor

Error minimization
Data is transmitted digitally to the machine



ASYCAM is used to create DIN programs and is a main component of offline programming. With the imported machine and product data, the optimal production flow is specified and simulated. Among other things, the exact routing and gripper positions as well as deposit coordinates are defined. After the data has been checked, it is exported and transferred to the machine.

Visual Program Correction (VPC)

The next step is to check the imported digital data at the machine. The checking is done non-destructively by the VPC simulation in step mode with the machine camera. With this step, production is interrupted for the first time and the product is set up on the shop floor. Any visual deviations from the actual state that are noted can be corrected in the simplest way using the VPC tool. After completion of the VPC, the machine is retooled and processes the first board for testing and release for series production.

Machine Setup via Tablet

The machine is divided into different production areas and thus requires a location-independent input assistance.
With the help of a tablet, setting up or optimizing products becomes very easy. Operators can move freely around the machine with the tablet and thus set up the entire machine area in an ergonomically optimal way. As soon as the tablet is connected to the machine computer, the main screen switches off. For safety reasons, only one operating point is active at any time.

Digital Simulation

In the future, we will use the digital simulation to develop an exact digital model of a machine and the products to be processed. This makes it possible to perform the visual program check at the offline workstation. Thanks to the 1:1 available data, the complete production process can be simulated exactly offline. Thus, changes to the machine (changeovers, deposit coordinates, etc.) can be programmed during production, tested and then loaded without further checking.
The next step to autonomous setup is that this data is digitally transferred to the machine and set up and run in using camera technology in autonomous calibration mode. This will significantly reduce machine downtime in the future.

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