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Dear Sir or Madam,

we have been looking forward to it, organized at full speed and created extraordinary safety concepts - but the current situation does not leave us the space to realize the ASYS Group Technology Days unconcerned as a live event. Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have decided to cancel the face-to-face event. We do not want to take any unnecessary risk and cancel the live event on November 11th and 12th, 2020.

But we wouldn't be the ASYS Group if we didn't already have a new idea coming up. It goes on! We cannot change the current situation, but we see it as a challenge to push our creativity into new dimensions - the ASYS Group Technology Days will now become the „ASYS Group Technology Show“ on your screen.

On the 01. December (german) and the 02. December (english) we would like to invite you to explore the ASYS Smart Factory virtually with us.

Digitally and no less excitingly we will present our current product and topic highlights. Look forward to world premieres, eye and door openers and expand your horizons with us.

Our world does not stand still, join us in tackling the future now.

Join our digital journey.
We look forward to entertaining you!

Werner Kreibl, Klaus Mang, Jürgen Ries


At 10.00 am the live event will start with our theme highlights on Transforming Ideas - Automate, Digitalize & Connect. For approx. 75 minutes we will present the smart innovations for the manufacturing of the future.

Directly afterwards, our tech experts and your sales contacts will be waiting for you in a live chat on individual topic clusters relating to the Smart Factory. Take a virtual tour of the machine park with us and discover in detailed recordings how ASYS is revolutionizing the machine building of the future. The videos on demand are available until 6 pm.

01. December 

10:00 am - 06:00 pm (CET), Language: German

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02. December 

10:00 am - 06:00 pm (CET), Language: English, Europe

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02. December 

11:00 am - 07:00 pm (CST), Language: English, Americas
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Visit us and join our experts when they present solutions for the current challenges of smart manufacturing and discuss with us the departure into the future. Our keynote speakers will introduce you to exciting topics for the technologies of the future or literally help you make the right decisions.

Transforming Ideas

ASYS Vision Smart Factory

Networking solutions are the key to the smart factory - its foundation are intelligent machines. No matter how complex the new challenges of the smart factory of the future are, you can rely on innovative products from the ASYS Group. As a partner of different industries we promote automation and support with new platform and software offers. Our broad portfolio is unique and forms our core business. All our products provide the benchmark in terms of durability, performance and economy. Be curious to see how we are shaping the next step towards fully autonomous production.


SERIO Printing Solutions - The First Fully Autonomous Printer

Be curious about another member of the Smart generation: The first fully autonomous printer from the SERIO product range. This also follows the three guiding principles: Access 360°, 24/7/365 and Care0 (Care "Zero"). You can look forward to smart details in the area of printing: autonomy in productive operation across the product changeover to the next predictive maintenance phase will be the new standard in the Smart Factory.

More about our SERIO portfolio


PULSE PRO Software Solutions - Closing The Gap Between Shopfloor and MES

With the new PULSE PRO concept, all previous, new and further developed software solutions of the ASYS Group are combined in a modular software suite. In this way it is much easier to control and visualize automated material flows in the whole shop floor, to achieve a dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to map all data flows. Similar to the proven SIMPLEX HMI, PULSE PRO has a uniform look and feel. Thus we close the gap between Shopfloor and MES/ERP.

More about our ASYS Software Solutions


MATERIAL LOGISTICS - Start Where You Are and Get Stepwise to Your Vision

We complement our Material Logistics portfolio with further modules for autonomous material handling. Would you like to unpack material in the inbound goods area once, book it, take it through all production steps fully automatically just-in-time and touch it again only at the outgoing goods area? This is easy to realize with our solutions. We offer material and order progress transparency on the entire shop floor. We will show you a special highlight for the demand-controlled autonomous component supply of placement machines: M-Reel magazines. The integrated Pick-by-Light support eliminates the time-consuming search for the correct component reel at the placement machine for the operator.

Our solutions are fully functional with all placement machines from different manufacturers and can therefore be used seamlessly in any production.

More about our Material Logistics solutions

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