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Loader & Laser Marker – a Clever Combination

Traceability begins with the raw material

Traceability does not only begin with the separation process. Even before loading the line, it is necessary to record the total package of the PCB. Thus, in addition to the individual codes, the package-ID is also assigned to the board. This is made possible by a coordinated combination of marking system and logistics loader.

Purely Sorted Line Loading by Multifunctional Logistics Loader

The VEGO Logistics Loader LLB 01 can buffer and separate up to 8 packages in one system. To prevent mixing, they are mechanically separated from each other until the separation process. The raw circuit boards are separated according to the FIFO principle and transferred to the following machine.

Loader & Laser Marker – a Clever Combination

The downstream system, an INSIGNUM laser marking system, communicates on a horizontal level with the loader and on a vertical level with the MES system.
This means that batch units cannot be buffered in the LLB without approval from the marking system, but are released by the marker after scanning the package-ID. Here, for example, the assignment of batch and order is verified. The loader hood is only unlocked after the release. The buffering itself takes place without interrupting the running process and helps to minimize set-up times and downtimes. In this combination, INSIGNUM acts as a monitoring system.

Process Safety

If the number of PCBs in the package does not match the number produced, this is detected by the order management of the marker and reported back to the MES. Thus, errors in the counter are excluded and batch purity can be guaranteed.
In addition, the individual packs are clearly visualized on the SIMPLEX user interface of the laser. The operator sees at a glance which package is in which slot of the loader. The set-up dialogue also adapts dynamically to the status of the line – only logically assigned functions can be selected. This enables fast and almost error-free operation.

Order Cancellation

If the order is cancelled or material is not used, the packages can be unloaded manually and sorted again. During unloading, the operator is shown which package is involved. A label printer, which communicates with the INSIGNUM system, prints the corresponding label and sticks it onto the packaging.

Identification by Unique Material Label (MAT-Label)

In order to meet the constantly increasing requirements of traceability, the flow of materials and information from suppliers to customers must be coordinated. This is achieved by a clear material label. This contains all information necessary for traceability.

Your Advantages

  • Traceability of raw circuit boards: The package is scanned before loading and thus the origin of the raw PCB is recorded.
  • Separation by type: The system stores the packages mechanically separated from each other. Thus, a mixing of these can be prevented.
  • Process reliability due to hood interlock: The cover of the loader unlocks only after verification of the code content and release of the marking system. Incorrect packages cannot enter the system.

Did You Know?

The LLB 01 offers slots for a total of 8 packages with a stacking height of 60mm: 6 in the buffer, 2 in separation. This enables uninterrupted production over a longer period of time.

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