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Automate, Digitalize & Connect

The Three Dimensions of the Factory of the Future.

When it comes to the smart factory, ASYS has the lead. We can cover over two thirds of the equipment of a SMT production line with our product range and are a strong partner in process and handling issues.
The portfolio is significantly supplemented by software solutions that control all material flows on the shop floor and ensure the data flow of the complete shop floor equipment up to the ERP system. We have also built up a strong pillar in terms of material logistics over the last two years.
We are the only company in the industry that offers scalable solutions for all material flows in the factory up to full autonomy.
This comprehensive solution portfolio is manifested in our mission "Automate, Digitalize & Connect". The core of ASYS - automation - is supplemented by two additional dimensions. Look forward to the ASYS Technology Days in November, when our product highlights will reflect this mission.

Your Advantages

  • Everything from one source: ASYS offers solutions for the SMT line and realizes processes outside the production line. We know exactly what is important in electronics production and realize your line supply.
  • Experience and innovative spirit: We combine experience and innovation in our development. As a result, you receive machines based on extensive know-how and sophisticated technology.
  • 75%: With our machines we cover 75% of a SMT line. Therefore we can rely on experience values over the whole line, which we use in the development of all machines.



… is part of our identity as a company. This is where we come from and this is the path we continue on. It stands for our solution and performance competence – with the engineers as well as with all other employees worldwide. We have started with the automation of individual processes. We have expanded this knowledge. By automating the entire line, we have arrived at the automation of an entire factory.

ASYS Technology Days Highlight: New Member of the Generation Smart

Last year at the Productronica we already presented our new concept of the smart machine. Under the terms Access 360°, 24/7/365 and Care0 (Care "Zero") we classify functions that describe the concept of the new machine generation: the ASYS Group Generation Smart.
Successively, the entire ASYS Group portfolio will be smart, following the three guiding principles. Already at the Technology Days in November we will show the next member of the Generation Smart: the first fully autonomous stencil printer across the product changeover.


… is the inspiration behind every innovation. Every new ASYS solution takes our customers one step further on the way to digital manufacturing. In the context of industry 4.0, we rely on our comprehensive software solutions. They lay the foundation for linking processes at factory level. Our self-understanding is to accompany and support our customers in this development and change process.

ASYS Technology Days Highlight: Digitalize Machine Modules

The declared goal in production is to create a continuous production phase up to the maintenance shift. The complete shop floor networking is essential for this, so that the systems can organize themselves. We implement all necessary software interfaces to communicate on vertical and horizontal level in the production.
For machines of the Generation Smart, condition monitoring of individual machine components via smart sensors is possible. In this way, incremental changes in the modules can be measured in real time, for example to indicate in advance when they need to be replaced. This enables a machine to produce without unplanned downtimes. Predictive maintenance is the keyword.


… describes the way we think. The focus is on openness. We share our knowledge, connect it and let new things emerge from it. We connect machines with machines, machines with software, machines with people and people with people.

ASYS Technology Days Highlight: New Modular Software Packages for the Shop Floor

Tailored to your requirements, we have developed new modular software packages for your shop floor management. The aim is to control and visualize automated material flows throughout the entire shop floor, to achieve dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to map all data flows. This closes the gap between shop floor and MES/ERP.
With the new software concept all previous, new and further developed software solutions of the ASYS Group are combined in different software modules. Be excited about our vision of the Smart Factory of the future.

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