Smart Factory Ready!

With our ASYS Group Software Solutions we are providing smart functionalities which is turning the vision of an intelligent factory into reality today.


The Formula to Success

Reaching milestones with unity




Loader & Laser Marker – a Clever Combination

Traceability begins with the raw material




20 Years Marking Systems - 10 Years INSIGNUM - a Success Story

The ASYS Group looks back on more than 20 years of know-how in the field of marking systems and on over 2000 installed systems worldwide. For 10 years, solutions in the traceability area have been bundled and further developed under the brand INSIGNUM. Thanks to its innovative power, the 10 largest automotive manufacturers in the world trust the ASYS INSIGNUM brand today.


"ASYS-Inside" webinar SERIO Stencil Printing

Our SERIO stencil printing expert Torsten Vegelahn presented today in our "ASYS-Inside" webinar the topic solder paste application and the resulting challenges.


ASYS Standard Interface - Fast, Uncomplicated Connection of MES to Marking Systems

With the software module "ASYS Standard Interface" ASYS has created an easy to implement interface to exchange data between MES and INSIGNUM laser, label and scan systems.




RFID User Login also for INSIGNUM Laser and Scan Machines

The password security of a general password is often weak because it spreads and gets around quickly. That‘s why we implemented RFID technology when logging in to the machine - for a safe and controlled operating process.




DIVISIO Depaneling “ASYS-Inside“ Webinar

Thank you for attending our “ASYS-Inside” DIVISIO Depaneling webinar.


New Label & Laser System INSIGNUM Variety

Currently, the successor model of our Label & Laser System INSIGNUM Variety is already under development. The system will be equipped with improved cycle time and higher accuracy.


No Chance for Corona!

The holidays have begun and it is still important to be responsible towards our fellow human beings. The Corona Warn App helps us to break through infection chains quickly and stay healthy. Please support us in this!



Thank you for joining our “ASYS-Inside” MATERIAL LOGISTICS webinar.


Increased Degree of Autonomy for Process Flow – Gradually Extendable!

One of the major German electronics manufacturers relies on ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS in its production. The long-term customer already owns eight SMT lines at one of its production plants with various machines of the ASYS Group.


6. “ASYS-Inside” webinar

On Thursday, August 06th at 10 am and 6 pm our webinar for SERIO Stencil Printing: Solder paste application and the resulting challenges will start.


Factory Conductor

More Transparency and Efficiency in Electronics Manufacturing.