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Smart Factory Ready

We tackled the issue of digitization at an early stage and are therefore a pioneer in the industry with our solutions. The next step towards Intelligent Factory is Material Logistics. The aim is to handle material flows automatically.

Material Logistics & Sofware Solutions

A unique portfolio

Our vision is an all-round networked production, a fully integrated logistics solution for the transport and storage of printed circuit boards, components and magazines. The ASYS Group has a diversified portfolio in software, dry storage systems, magazine warehouses and handling. This enables us to offer unique solutions for the intelligent factory from a single source.


Scalable all-in-one solutions

We offer scalable solutions to upgrade your production step by step to Industry 4.0

The material at a Glance

We support various solutions that enable you to keep an eye on your material inventory

Pioneer in Industry 4.0

Software is the central element to realize cross-line solutions and connections to autonomous transport robots

Software Solutions & Material Logistics

Smart Shop-Floor Management

We have pursued the vision of a standardized machine interface since the very beginning of our company history. As the initiator of the Hermes Standard, we were able to establish the topic together with other machine manufacturers for the industry. With digitalization, the focus is shifting from hardware solutions to software topics. We have recognized this and are increasingly focusing on software applications that highlight, simplify and optimize existing manufacturing processes. With PULSE, we brought Smart Devices (Tablet, Smart Watch) into production and set a milestone in the market. The smart assistance system has now established itself as an integral part of the electronics manufacturing environment. Production has been further digitized and the associated benefits have been exploited to the full.


Autonomous Material Supply

Material Logistics

Autonomous material supply is the central element of the intelligent factory. ASYS is a system provider that can offer the customer a complete solution. The Dry Tower and the Magazine Warehouse are the cornerstones for ASYS to implement complete solutions in the field of material logistics. Another element are self-organized AIVs, which allow material flows to be planned in advance in order to avoid production stops. In addition, software products are increasingly coming into focus in order to coordinate complex processes in line with requirements. The Material Manager collects information from all systems in the shop floor and makes the right decisions based on the data.


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