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Grows with Your Requirements - ASYS Material Logistics

We automate your entire shop floor thanks to our unique product portfolio of warehouse, logistics and transport systems, software solutions and connections.

At first glance complex, but with our support quite simple: We automate your material flows on the shop floor. You can proceed step by step and let your production grow. Have you already thought about how to store your magazines in a space-saving way? Or bring moisture-sensitive components just-in-time to your line? Do you know how to make consumables available in a time-saving and user-friendly way? Or how do you manage to avoid worrying about material tourism? We have the right solution for you.

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Material Logistics

The Highlights of the Overall Solution

For Every Material

We offer equipment and solution concepts for different materials from component rolls, magazines, printed circuit boards, consumables, KLT boxes, trays, waste bins and more.


From Manual to Fully Automatic

No matter whether you want to use operators or transport robots, we optimize your transport routes thanks to intelligent software and coordinated equipment.


Space Saving

Eliminate the many local storage locations in your production and create central storage locations for component rolls, KLT boxes and magazines that can be automatically approached. The Dry Tower and Material Warehouse use the maximum hall heights for storage and can be easily expanded thanks to their modular design.


Scalable to Complete Solutions

ASYS material stations can grow into isolated solutions that can be used for material entry, line support or feeder set-up.


Keeping an Eye on the Material

We support different solutions, which enable you to keep an eye on your material stock. The automatic counting of component rolls, the allocation of labels with a unique ID, the reading and evaluation of RFID tags and, last but not least, smart software for material monitoring, management and calculation of requirements.


The Modules


Container for the transport of component reels



Material stations for the intermediate storage of material

Drying storage cabinets for the dry storage of component reels

M-Dry Tower: 
Fully automated Dry Tower for central, space-optimized and dry storage of component reels

M-Material Warehouse: 
Fully automated Material Warehouses for centralized and space-optimized storage of magazines

M-Receiving Station: 
Goods receiving station including label system for awarding the Unique ID


AIVs for autonomous material transport to the storage facilities or to the line with various attachments for containers, magazines, KLT boxes, vacuum cleaners or for moving S10 setup stations

Manual transport systems

M-Magazine Loader:
Loading and unloading systems for printed circuit boards from magazines


M-Fleet Manager: 
Fleet manager for the AIVs

M-MES Package: 
Connection to MES systems

M-Logistic Package: 
Connection to all protagonists involved in logistics

M-MSL Manager: 
Cabinet monitoring

M-Material Manager: 
Material management, material requirement calculation, picking list, detailed order planning, AIV-connection, MSL-control


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