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The autonomous Printer

The SERIO 6000 prints in autonomous mode - discover the ASYS Group Generation Smart printing system.

SERIO 6000

Autonomy to Infinity

The SERIO 6000 is the first fully automatic printer worldwide. The system offers automation in stages - adaptable to the automation level of the existing production. With the smart autonomous printer, squeegees and stencils can be set up asynchronously, for example. Specific tools for the next product cycle can be stored directly on the printer and then automatically installed at the right time. Set-up can be done manually by an operator or autonomously via a Cobot. The SERIO 6000 is capable of operating over several shifts without significant operator intervention.

Discover the autonomous printer - adapted to your needs and easily integrated into your autonomous line or production.


Options & Moduls

Smart Highlights

Automated Paste Exchange System

  • The system offers storage facilities for up to nine cartridges directly in the printer
  • Independent paste supply for more than one shift is possible
  • Withdrawal is based on the FIFO principle for sustainable consumption
  • Thanks to RFID technology, the individual cartridges are tracked
  • Cartridges can be replaced quickly and easily thanks to access from the front

New Print Head

  • With the print head an autonomous squeegee exchange is possible
  • The stencil feed can be done automatically
  • Squeegee and stencil are tracked via RFID technology

Intelligent Paste Dispense System

  • Electrically driven dispensing unit
  • Effective volume control thanks to even paste delivery by electric spindle (no pressure/time)
  • Repeatability
  • Measures cartridge fill levels for a validated process
  • Automatic cartridge change enables an uninterrupted process

Automatic Stencil Loader

  • Asynchronous setup - job preparation during operation
  • Just-in-time job changes without operator intervention
  • Suitable for 23 or 29 inch stencil types
  • Minimized floor space due to horizontal storage directly at the system

Scalable to Infinity

Smart Options


iROCS is an oscillating cleaning system. The cleaning program of the iROCs adapts optimally to the print medium, the layout and stencil and substrate.


The RFID setup control is started by pressing a button. The setup sequence is is no longer relevant, only components that have been set up in the printer are detected.

Offline Programming

Create new programs without interrupting production. In the "Production-Pool", the programs are available to all integrated systems.


The modular camera unit (MCU) recognizes modules and adjusts the control fully automatically. Module-specific parameters and settings are loaded in parallel.


APS (Automatic Pin Setting) revolutionizes the support process of printed circuit boards. Pins are automatically set, validated and then removed.


The iPAGs (Integrated Paste & Glue Dispenser) are dispensing systems based on screw and jet technology with heating and fill level monitoring.

Ingenious Details

Smart Features


The user interface sets new standards in machine operation. Complex input tasks can be performed intuitively on touch displays.


A flexible, multiple transport and clamping system that combines roller transport and retractable clamping system. It is suitable for the majority of substrates available today.

Fill level measurement of cleaning fluid

The fill level monitoring system ensures even and consumption-optimized moistening of the cloth surface.

Paste Height Detection

The paste height detection monitors the paste quantity. If the paste falls below the set level, an automatic dispensing process is initiated.

SERIO 6000 integrated in the Autonomous Factory

Combining Printing and Material Logistics

Thanks to an integrated paste and stencil storage, the SERIO 6000 enables asynchronous set up. This can be done by a Cobot. Thanks to the connection to Material Logistics solutions, the printing system becomes an autonomous platform. The Cobot is driven to the printer via AIV. It changes stencil, paste or squeegee and loads the machine with the right tools. The Cobot is also connected to the stencil cleaners and squeegee maintenance. Other process machines such as depaneling machines or pick & place machines can also be integrated.

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