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Laser Technology on the Way to Success

Precise and Stress-free: Laser Processes Prove Their Worth

Laser depaneling is a proven separation process for complex and sensitive electronic circuits. Especially in the life science sector, in the field of diagnostics, the technology is finding more and more applications. Thanks to the laser, thin and flexible circuit boards can be separated with an accuracy of ±25μm. Different types of lasers are used such as green solid state lasers, UV lasers and CO2 lasers. Laser depaneling does not produce dust as in routing or sawing, but only a small amount of suspended particles, which can be effectively extracted. Furthermore, it is a contactless and therefore a stress-free process.


Laser technology in the field of Life Science

In addition to fast COVID-19 tests, CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) systems have been manufactured using laser technologies for some time. These systems determine the blood sugar level of diabetes patients without taking blood samples. Due to the small size of these systems, the circuits are miniaturized and require the use of lasers during processing. Only laser technology can achieve the necessary precision and effectively prevent the formation of particles and mechanical stress during depaneling of the circuits. In addition to these requirements, the products are to be manufactured cost-effectively and quickly. Sensors and batteries of these CGM systems are therefore soldered with the laser.

Lasers make miniaturized implants possible. Pacemaker housings, for example, are hermetically sealed by laser welding. Lasers also allow biocompatible UDI (Unique Device Identification) marking of implants, as well as of pacemakers and artificial joints.

Laser direct marking, a standard process which the ASYS Group has been offering for almost two decades for electronics production, mainly to ensure traceability in the automotive industry, is also used for cost-effective marking of plastic housings in the life science industry.

In the last 20 years ASYS has developed from an integrator of laser marking systems to a supplier of high-quality standard systems for PCB laser marking and laser depaneling. In addition, ASYS is also a solution provider for laser production in medical electronics. The result is competent consulting and projects that are implemented in a customer-oriented manner.



  • Over 20 years of experience in laser technology
  • Accuracy of ±25μm @ 4 Sigma
  • Non-contact, stress-free and cost-efficient process


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