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Third place at the "Industrie 4.0 Innovation Award"

We can proudly announce that we have reached third place at the "Industrie 4.0 Innovation Award" with our innovative MATERIAL LOSTICS and PULSE PRO software solutions. The Industrie 4.0 Innovation Award was announced for the sixth time in 2021. Our overall solution offers smart hardware and software solutions for monitoring and controlling autonomous material flows on the entire shopfloor.

Product description

The overall solution offers smart hardware and software solutions for monitoring and controlling the autonomous material flows on the entire shop floor. This already starts at the material inbound with the material registration. With the Scan&Label system, the manual receiving process, especially for SMD component reels, has been automated and now takes place without manual intervention. The material is provided with a customer UID label and automatically fed into the warehouses. This can be a central warehouse, but also automatic warehouses close to production, such as the DryTower or the Material Warehouse. If the material stocks of the production require it, the request in the form of picking lists is set automatically and according to demand and the material replenishment is triggered. Via manual and/or autonomous transport, e.g. driverless transport systems or trolleys, the material is delivered to the production lines just in time. The transport containers required for automatic material handling, e.g. magazines or containers for PCBs, component reels or trays, are part of the overall solution here. Clear dashboards throughout the production area inform and support the operator visually with direct access at the necessary points. Intermediate or finished products can always be temporarily stored and buffered, thus decoupling the individual process steps. Unneeded and obsolete material is also considered here and distributed to the various storage locations autonomously and/or manually accordingly. By recording and booking the material, the stocks are updated and booked to the storage locations. The clear user interfaces of the software modules from the PULSE PRO software suite offer extensive display options for KPIs, such as number of picks, WIP, and much more.

Industrie 4.0 Innovation Award

Customer benefits

The continuous recording of material movements and changes in stock ensures that the correct overview of material, transport equipment and products is always available. On this basis, the required material is supplied to the processes as needed and just-in-time. As a result, enormous savings and optimizations can be achieved with regard to inventory on the shop floor, thus reducing storage space and creating productive space. Due to the decentralized visualization of all stocks, the operator has direct access to the required material when needed and that without time-consuming search and travel times. This operator support achieves a reduction in stress-related error cases and thus maximizes process reliability. The modular and scalable solutions offer flexible use in the customer-specific process and can thus be implemented in a targeted manner with a short return on investment (ROI).

Criteria for an Industry 4.0 innovation

Standard Interfaces:

The entire line network communicates with each other via horizontal standard interfaces (e.g. IPC HERMES). Vertical interfaces (e.g. IPC CFX) are used to exchange production data between the line network and the higher ERP/MES level. Here, the PULSEPRO Software Suite closes the gap between the shop floor and the top floor.

Smart operator support:

The smart operator guidance (e.g. Smart Alerts, Pick-by-Light) provides the operator with an overview of the entire shopfloor at all times and in real time, and guides him in his activities in a focused and targeted manner so that he can make the necessary interventions in the process.

Resource savings/optimization:

The modular overall solution guarantees demand- and consumption-oriented material distribution and thus only the required material is handled in a targeted manner.

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