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ASYS Group Smart Factory

The Shop Floor Handlebars – Dynamic Manufacturing Processes for Maximum Output

When it comes to smart factories, we are ahead of the game with our broad product portfolio. With our wide product range, we cover more than two thirds of the equipment of an SMT production line and are a strong partner in process and handling issues. The portfolio is rounded off by software solutions that control material and data flows in production. In addition, we have built up a strong foothold in material logistics over the last two years. This comprehensive corporate image is condensed in our communicated mission "Automate, Digitalize & Connect". The core of ASYS – automation – is being expanded by two additional dimensions.

Factory Today and Tomorrow

Starting with the automation of individual processes, the company has moved on to the design of overall line processes and today extends to the complete planning of factory processes.

In the meantime, we have closed the gap to material logistics and thus extended our scope of action beyond the production line. With the help of autonomous transport robots, tailor-made storage systems for all materials on the shop floor and coordinated software modules, we draw an overall picture in production that establishes Industry 4.0 as a central element. Today's factories are flexible, clearly structured and cost-efficient. Key requirements are low cycle times, traceability and flexibility on the line. The production of batch size 1 and changeability is increasingly in focus. This results in material buffers for WIP (Work in Process) between the production steps in order to react dynamically to product changes.

Due to increasing traceability and verification requirements, new elements are being added, shop floor layouts are becoming more complex, and so are the demands on the operators. This in turn requires WIP zones in order to implement line supply over the shortest possible distance. Decreasing output per square meter in production is an undesirable side effect if no new solutions are considered. This is where we come in with our total shop floor solution, which is anchored in the MATERIAL LOGISTICS division.

ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS – Integrated Factory Concepts

Our strength in the area of MATERIAL LOGISTICS lies in our holistic approach to the production process. In the initial consultation sessions, the automation experts look at all process chains in the factory in order to be able to design them in a coordinated and autonomous manner. Individual, scalable concepts are on the agenda. We rely on a modular concept in order to implement material logistics solutions at different levels of automation. This allows existing factories to be adapted step-by-step to the prevailing conditions and requirements.


  • Step-by-step adaptation: The flexibility of the hardware and software modules from the MATERIAL LOGISTICS area enables step-by-step automation of the shop floor
  • Efficient personnel deployment: Thanks to the high level of automation of production and logistics processes, personnel can be deployed more efficiently and in a goal-oriented manner
  • Just in Time: Efficient warehouse organization and networking enables just-in-time supply in line with demand

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