11th ASYS Group Technology Days 2020

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Dear customers and partners,

due to the special situation this year, some things have changed. Keep your distance, avoid contact and this both professionally and privately. Of course, a time like this does not leave anybody untouched. It has opened up completely new possibilities for us: Digital teamwork, online webinars, live broadcasts. 

Above all, the distance has brought us even closer together. We had the opportunity to take a digital look into the living rooms of some of our colleagues (and some of you) and thus get to know each other a little better. This makes the person behind the project more tangible, more human and promotes cooperation.

That's why we want to give you the chance to take a look behind the scenes. Who are the people behind ASYS who give their best every day? Who allow themselves to pursue ideas in any direction, to lead projects independently and to share their passion for technology with others?

This year we had only a few opportunities to meet you personally at our exhibitions. Therefore, we are now even more pleased to welcome you at our ASYS Technology Days from 11-12 November 2020!

We will present you our current product and topic highlights. Join us on our way through the Smart Factory, with exciting presentations on 5G technology and innovative contributions to the fields of energy and life science. We are looking forward to two inspiring days full of exchange with you.

Werner Kreibl, Klaus Mang, Jürgen Ries


Visit us and join our experts when they present solutions for the current challenges of smart manufacturing and discuss with us the departure into the future. Our keynote speakers will introduce you to exciting topics for the technologies of the future or literally help you make the right decisions.

New Member of Generation Smart - Autonomous Printing Platform

Be curious about another member of the Smart generation: The first fully autonomous printer from the SERIO product range. This also follows the three guiding principles: Access 360°, 24/7/365 and Care0 (Care "Zero"). You can look forward to smart details in the area of printing: autonomy in productive operation across the product changeover to the next predictive maintenance phase will be the new standard in the Smart Factory.

More about our SERIO portfolio

We close the gap between shop floor and MES/ERP

With the new PULSE PRO concept, all previous, new and further developed software solutions of the ASYS Group are combined in a modular software suite. In this way it is much easier to control and visualize automated material flows in the whole shop floor, to achieve a dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to map all data flows. Similar to the proven SIMPLEX HMI, PULSE PRO has a uniform look and feel. Thus we close the gap between Shopfloor and MES/ERP.

More about our ASYS Software Solutions

Autonomous Material Handling

We complement our Material Logistics portfolio with further modules for autonomous material handling. Would you like to unpack material in the inbound goods area once, book it, take it through all production steps fully automatically just-in-time and touch it again only at the outgoing goods area? This is easy to realize with our solutions. We offer material and order progress transparency on the entire shop floor. We will show you a special highlight for the demand-controlled autonomous component supply of placement machines: M-Reel magazines. The integrated Pick-by-Light support eliminates the time-consuming search for the correct component reel at the placement machine for the operator.

Our solutions are fully functional with all placement machines from different manufacturers and can therefore be used seamlessly in any production.

More about our Material Logistics solutions

Assembly Concepts for Fuel Cell Production

We have expanded our business unit Energy with the assembly of fuel cells. As an established supplier of production automation in electronics and solar cell manufacturing, we are transferring our expertise to the growth area of fuel cells. The results are innovative manufacturing and assembly concepts for your fuel cell production.

More about ASYS fuel cells


5G – Using the Opportunities of New Technologies

Flexible, intelligent, highly efficient - these are the points that will be important for machine, line and factory solutions in the future. New technologies, such as the new mobile phone standard 5G, can be used as a motivating force. The potential this technology promises for the shop floor is very high. Radio connections within the factory can be completely replaced by 5G technology. This provides a further boost to the topic of "big data" and networking. All components can communicate with each other in real time, from machines to consumables to sensors in a factory.

Life Science Assembly Platform

The highly flexible platform enables individual automation solutions in short project durations thanks to the well thought-out module design. The individual modules are preconfigured and can be combined to form individual cells or lines. These are supplemented with process applications (robotics, testers, laser applications, handling, etc.). The assembly platform was developed in close cooperation with customers from the medical technology sector and complies with GxP regulations.

More about our assembly solutions

Presentations by Speakers

Look forward to exciting keynotes and technical presentations at the ASYS Group Technology Days this year.

Peter Brandl

Peter Brandl GmbH

Title of lecture:
Hudson River - The Skill of Making Difficult Decisions

Find out how to make the best use of the power of your engines and what resources are actually available to you. What is holding you back and what do you have to do to live the life you want to live? Speaker Peter Brandl will show you how professional pilots can make reliable decisions even in the most difficult situations and under stress.

Learn to make decisions and not to postpone!

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Dr. Christoph Bach

Ericsson GmbH

Title of lecture:
5G innovations and ecosystems for industrial communications

The networking of sectors, industries and society will change radically in the coming years with 5G. By combining 5G networks with Industrial IoT (IIoT), for example, production will become more effective and flexible. 5G functionalities will evolve from supporting massive IoT applications to IoT applications with extremely low latency. With the help of 5G technology, existing WLAN networks on industrial sites and company premises can be supplemented - or even completely replaced. In the medium term, 5G campus networks offer the possibility of making cables superfluous, which opens up more flexible production and expanded digital processes.

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Dr.-Ing. Florian Clement

Fraunhofer ISE

Title of lecture:
High throughput printing technology for the production of electronic components - application examples: Si Solar Cell and Fuel Cell

This presentation will give you a comprehensive overview of the latest printing technology developments at Fraunhofer ISE. The focus will be on the "round-to-flat" approach. A demonstrator platform developed in close cooperation with ASYS and other partners will be presented. In addition to the application "Si solar cells", first results in the field of fuel cells will also be shown.

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Marc Meier

Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH

Title of lecture:
Vivalytic from Bosch - from the automotive industry to medical technology

With the Vivalytic system, Bosch is applying development and manufacturing expertise from the automotive world to medical technology for the first time. The result is a highly flexible molecular diagnostic platform that represents the current benchmark in global competition. Parallel to the product, the production lines were developed in intensive SE work. The result is an optimum of function, quality, scalability and costs.

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Dirk Bauernfeind

ASYS Group

Title of lecture: 
Transforming Ideas - ASYS Vision Smart Factory

Networking solutions are the key to the smart factory - its foundation are intelligent machines. No matter how complex the new challenges of the smart factory of the future are, you can rely on innovative products from the ASYS Group. As a partner of different industries we promote automation and support with new platform and software offers. Our broad portfolio is unique and forms our core business. All our products provide the benchmark in terms of durability, performance and economy. Be curious to see how we are shaping the next step towards fully autonomous production.

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Facts about the Event

ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH
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German (with English simultaneous translation)
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