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Grows with Your Requirements - ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS

We automate your entire shop floor thanks to our unique product portfolio of warehouse, logistics and transport systems, software solutions and connections.

More Transparency and Effciency on the Shop Floor

We are your competent partner when it comes to your smart factory. We cover more than two thirds of the equipment of an SMT production line with our broad product range. In addition, we offer customized and turnkey material logistics solutions for different levels of automation. We offer the largest product portfolio and the most experience on the market when it comes to the automation of material logistics in SMT production. Here we bundle the know-how and experience of ASYS automation systems, as well as our subsidiaries like Totech and motives.

We follow a comprehensive approach. In the first consulting meetings, we look at any process linkages in the factory to be able to design them in a coordinated and autonomous manner. Individual, scalable concepts form the agenda. Thanks to a modular approach, we are able to implement material logistics solutions in various degrees of automation. In this way, existing factories with their prevailing conditions are adapted step by step to the specific requirements of our customers.

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Our Material Logistics Portfolio at a glance 

Material Logistics brochure

Step-by-step automation of the shopfloor

Efficient deployment of human resources thanks to the high level of automation of production and logistics processes

Just-in-time supply thanks to efficient storage organization and networking


The Highlights of the Overall Solution

The Smart Factory consists of the five central processes - material inbound, storage, line setting, line support and transport. For this purpose ASYS offers complete solutions in the field of MATERIAL LOGISTICS, starting with incoming goods, through individual production processes up to outgoing goods, which cover the different requirements on the shop floor.

Unique Portfolio


Discover our unique products in the fields of Transport, Storage, Material Inbound and Software.


No matter whether you want to use operators or transport robots, we optimize your transport routes thanks to intelligent software and coordinated equipment.



With our central storage systems, local storage areas close to the line can be reduced. They can be supplied autonomously and are able to store component reels, boxes and magazines in a traceable manner.


Material Inbound

The Material Inbound can be configured individually depending on the scenario. The modules are the Material Station, M-Station Reel, Scan&Label, Component Counter and Loading / Unloading Station. The station can be approache manually, by trolley or by AIV.



Discover the new compact software solution from ASYS to optimize your production. PULSE PRO offers seven software modules that will help you to control automated material flows in the shop floor, to achieve a dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to track all data flows.



Material Flows in the Smart Factory

In order to ensure automated transport, standardized and automatically manageable containers are necessary. We offer equipment and solution concepts for different materials from component reels, magazines, printed circuit boards, consumables, KLT boxes, trays, waste containers and more.

1) Printed Circuit Board Magazines

2) SMD Component Reel Container

3) KLT Boxes


Space Saving

Eliminate the many local storage locations in your production and create central storage locations for component rolls, KLT boxes and magazines that can be automatically approached. The Dry Tower and Material Warehouse use the maximum hall heights for storage and can be easily expanded thanks to their modular design. In the S10 select, consumables such as solder paste or glues can be stored in conformity with the product and close to production.

Material Inbound

Keeping an Eye on the Material

We support different solutions, which enable you to keep an eye on your material stock. The automatic counting of component rolls, the allocation of labels with a unique ID, the reading and evaluation of RFID tags and, last but not least, smart software for material monitoring, management and calculation of requirements.


PULSE PRO - Material Software Solutions

The quantities and states of all materials on the entire shop floor are clearly documented in the PULSE PRO module „Material“. All component reels, trays and PCBs are managed on the basis of Unique ID (UID) and the replenishment of material is controlled autonomously, which reduces the operator‘s workload. Furthermore, the floor life time of moisture-sensitive components is monitored. Based on the order planning, full or empty magazines are autonomously controlled within the entire shop floor between lines and storage locations. Therefore all modules are integrated and connected for autonomous transport.

Monitoring the floor life time of moisture-sensitive components

Autonomous magazine control and material replenishment for components and printed circuit boards

Overview of quantities and states of all materials in the entire shop floor

Component Manager

With the „Component Manager“, the material flow of the components is calculated in advance and controlled either manually and/or with AIVs, depending on the degree of automation of the production. In this way, the material is brought to the line in real time according to demand and the high storage costs caused by intermediate storage on the line are eliminated.

Magazine Manager

With the „Magazine Manager“ the entire magazine flow is controlled. This offers the possibility of a completely autonomous magazine control for the production.

Material Locator

The „Material Locator“ app ensures that all material movements and quantity/condition changes are recorded in real time and can be called up directly. Necessary for this material tracking is the unique ID on all materials, such as component reels, PCBs or magazines. The simple, always up-to-date overview in the Material Locator sustainably relieves the operator and helps to reduce downtime.

Advanced Component Manager

With the „Advanced Component Manager“ the material flow is controlled in two stages between hierarchically arranged warehouse structures. The material remains in the main warehouse until it is needed. The flexibility within the production is maintained.

Consumables & Tool Manager

Consumables (e.g. paste, paper) and production tools (e.g. stencil, squeegee) can be fed manually or autonomously just-in-time to the line.

MSL Manager

The „MSL Manager“ displays the MSL start/stop times and manages and monitors the floor life time of moisture-sensitive components.

Inventory Support

With the „Inventory Support“ app, a manual fixed-date inventory can be carried out in the various storage locations.

Mobile Robot Manager

The „Mobile Robot Manager“ app receives and configures the travel orders from a superordinate system. 

Fleet Manager OMRON

The app „Fleet Manager OMRON“ organizes and distributes the tasks of the AIV‘s taking into account the state of charge and current location. 


Use cases

The broad product portfolio of the ASYS Group offers solutions for a wide variety of applications and use cases. From the connection of inbound goods to multi-level storage concepts, line supply with PCB magazines or the separation of frontend and backend by using flexible storage systems.

1) Incoming goods

The materials are delivered in a bag, usually padded in cardboard boxes. The packaging is removed and the material (e.g. component reels) is fed into the booking process. This can be done directly at this cell, or alternatively stacked in a component reel container and transported to this cell by automated guided vehicle, an AIV. This is useful if the unpacking station is physically distant from the cell, e.g. between logistics and the shop floor.

2) Loading Station

This container can be unloaded automatically in the loading station and a respective autonomy can be created via the upstream roller tracks, because a certain number of containers can be located here.

3) Scan & Label

The scan and label cell is the central element in material inbound. With this system, component reels in particular are received fully automatically without manual intervention, booked in the higher-level system and then labeled with a unique ID. Due to the modularity of this system, we have the possibility to integrate different material inbound systems.

4) Component Counter

A component counting station is a recommended extension. Here, the number of individual components on a component reel is checked and the stock in the database is corrected if necessary. This applies to new component reels, but also to partially used reels that come back from the line and are stored again. With our open interfaces we are able to integrate different partners in the field of component counting into our solutions.

5) Fully automated & centralized storage

With our central storage systems, local area storage on the line can be reduced. The Material Warehouse for printed circuit board magazines and KLT boxes and the Dry Tower as a storage system for individual component reels.

6) Material replenishment

During running production, e.g. the SMD lines, must always be replenished with material. As soon as the fill levels of the placement machines drop below the set limit values, the corresponding component reels must be replenished. The demand is registered with the controlling software PULSEP RO via our standardized interface, also of the partner systems, such as the pick-and-place machines of various manufacturers.

7) Reel Magazine

Using a special reel magazine container, the component reels are provided as needed, at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right place - to the operator directly on the line. For unique identification, the reel magazine has an RFID tag with a unique container ID.

8) Reel Magazine Loader

Filling takes place in the reel magazine loader by feeding the individual component reels coming from the DryTower via a cross pusher from the reel section of the line and, depending on the configuration of the reel magazine, placing them into this. In this case, up to two magazines can be placed on the line in parallel.

9) Transport

The material can be picked up manually or via autonomous transport systems, the ASYS AMRs, and transported to the M-station directly on the line. Thanks to different platforms, these can realize any material transport as required. An important task here is to deliver the material to the line „just-in-time“. The goal is to reduce line stops to a minimum and maximize process efficiency.

10) Line replenishment

After the delivery of the magazine to the station at the placer, the RFID tag on the magazine is read again and the magazine is uniquely identified. Now, the reel which has to be replaced is uniquely identified via the booking process, i.e. scanning at the placer, and is queried at PULSE PRO. This identifies the exact position of the new reel in the reel magazine and visually signals the operator clearly the position of the correct reel. With random access to each reel, the operator has direct access to that reel and can replace it just-in-time with no search or travel time. In turn, the empty reel can be placed in the reel magazine. This eliminates reel waste on the line and means that the reel magazine, which ends up filled with empty component reels, can be cleaned out at a „dump“ location. 

Unique Portfolio


Discover our unique products in the fields of Transport, Storage, Material Inbound and Software.

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