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Specialists for specific applications: Printing on pressure sensors

Electronic controls or sensors manufactured by means of thick-film processes can be easily processed with the EKRA printing systems because they are usually flat and transportable. But what does a production process look like in which the starting material measures round and only a few centimeters in diameter? A typical picture, for example, for pressure sensors.


The Challenges:

  • Print as many parts as possible in one step,
  • Tolerances in the individual part, both in diameter and in height, must be compensated before printing
  • Stress-free handling and optimal support of the substrate
  • Traceability


Our Solutions:

  • Multi-printing: Processing of the parts in a multi-carrier
  • Compensate for tolerances:
    Alignment of parts using our proven "Optilign" option 
    Alignment using mechanical clamping. The part is aligned and fixed via integrated compensation elements.
  • Stress-free Handling: Additional vacuum clamping in the lift tappets
  • Optimum Substrate Support: Via-fill function with 3D printed plungers
  • Controlled Process: Workpiece carrier is checked for completeness at the entrance and exit of the machine by means of a camera system

The EKRA screen printing experts from the HYCON team are mainly dedicated to special applications. They accompany the entire development process, from the initial idea through conception to implementation with specialist expert knowledge.


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