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Complete Factory Concept with ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS

A famous German automotive supplier relies on ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS in his factory.

A famous German automotive supplier relies on ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS in his factory. The fully automated solution for the incoming goods of component rolls and the storage solutions according to the requirements have convinced. Furthermore, internal transports are realized by ASYS using automated guided vehicle systems (AGV / AIV).

Thanks to an integrated, fully automatic Scan&Label Station, the ASYS goods receiving solution enables the traceability of component rolls from the very beginning. A counting station counts the existing components on a roll and feeds exact values into the production database. It is also possible to feed in dismounted component rolls. This ensures a valid and coordinated process, which eliminates the need for manual inventory of the component rolls. In the ASYS/Totech storage solutions, the component rolls are stored fully automatically at less than 5% relative humidity. In this way, ASYS is reacting to the requirements of sensitive MSL-components. Automated guided vehicle systems are used to realize autonomous process sequences. These AIVs (autonomous intelligent vehicles) are used to network the individual stations in production with the storage system. They transport besides component roll containers also magazines, KLT or trays. The vehicles generate their routes independently and in coordination, and achieve just-in-time supply.

The calculation and coordination of the material flow is performed by the ASYS Material Manager. By using the integrated Advanced Order Planner, the production orders imported from the ERP can be automatically distributed optimally to the SMD production lines according to various criteria. Due to the complete networking and the real-time calculation, the material replenishment to the production lines is delivered according to demand, in continuous coordination with the production cycle. This allows the customer to reduce his material stocks on the line significantly. At the same time, the material availability in his production increases, which results in a cost reduction.

The fully connected solutions and the extensive consulting services were the deciding factors for the award of the contract. Fabian Autenrieth, Product Manager MATERIAL LOGISTICS, describes his concept for success and the approach: "Individual, scalable concepts, designed for your shop floor - that is our strength. We focus on a modular concept which allows us to implement our MATERIAL LOGISTICS solutions in various automation levels. This means that we can take the first step towards a Smart Factory with you today in order to build the future on it.

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