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The ASYS Group has added another machine to the Generation Smart – the Fully Autonomous Printer SERIO 6000.

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Smart in Every Detail

The first member of the Generation Smart is the DIVISIO 5100, with which ASYS has developed a depaneling system that produces autonomously right up to the maintenance shift – in line with the guiding formula "Access 360° + 24/7/365 + Care 0". The intelligent system interprets its own status and controls maintenance and optimization processes in a needs-based and forward-looking manner. Numerous features such as tablet operation, offline programming or 3D machine simulation make this possible. New options have been specially developed for the Divisio 5100: for example, a cut control with closed-loop function for global offset correction is now available. The deviation of the cut from the pre-routed cut is continuously monitored and compared with predefined limit values. The system checks itself whether the tolerances have been exceeded and, if necessary, actively counteracts this. With Predictive Setup Control, a camera checks which grippers are set up and compares them with the loaded job. If the components used do not match or are incomplete, the machine is able to order its equipment independently.

Read here more about our DIVISIO 5100 Depaneling System.
More about DIVISIO 5100

Autonomy to Infinity

The SERIO 6000 – the new member of the Generation Smart – is the first fully automatic printer worldwide. The system offers automation in stages – adaptable to the automation level of the existing production. With the smart autonomous printer, squeegees and stencils can be set up asynchronously, for example. Specific tools for the next product cycle can be stored directly on the printer and then automatically installed at the right time. Set-up can be done manually by an operator or autonomously via a Cobot. The SERIO 6000 is capable of operating over several shifts without significant operator intervention.

Discover the autonomous printer – adapted to your needs and easily integrated into your autonomous line or production.
More about SERIO 6000

Two strong members of the ASYS Group Generation Smart – look forward to further highlight next year.

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