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Automated and centralized

With our central storage systems, local storage areas close to the line can be reduced. They can be supplied autonomously and are able to store component reels, boxes and magazines in a traceable manner.

Dry Tower

The Dry Tower is a fully automated central SMD reel warehouse and integral logistics solution.  The component reels are fully traceable and stored according to temperature and humidity specifications. Dry Tower can be paired with autonomous transport robots, which deliver and collect component reels to and from the production line. The Smart Factory storage system can be extended step by step, at any time as required and can therefore be used in any electronics production.

Volume-optimized storage for minimum space requirements: up to 10,375 reels on 2.2m² floor space

Automated picking leads to a minimum demand of personnel

Simultaneous loading and unloading

Material Warehouse

In the Material Warehouse, printed circuit board magazines or other materials are automatically stored in KLT boxes in a shelf system according to a chaotic storage concept and can be retrieved at any time. Thanks to clear identification, each magazine is completely traceable. Optionally, the storage conditions can be adapted to the respective requirements of the stored material, e.g. temperature or humidity can be regulated to meet MSD requirements.

Up to 75% space saving through compact storage using the available room height

Full traceability of stored material thanks to clear identification

The material flows can be automated step by step and thus adapted to individual customer requirements

Further information about our autonomous storage systems can be found in the Product Finder.




Like our automation solutions, the Dry Tower and Material Warehouse are scalable. Thus, the material flow can be automated step by step and thus adapted to individual customer requirements. This ensures long-term investment security. Different magazine sizes or other goods carriers for small parts (e.g. trays, KLT boxes) can be stored without any problems, and the storage systems can also be adapted in width with regard to cycle times and shop floor layouts, or can grow with the product.

Footprint Optimized

Minimize the storage space. We achieve this by working upwards. Thanks to intelligent handling and software solutions, the material can be removed from any storage location in the system in the shortest possible time.

MSL Manager

Floor-Life-Time Management

With the help of the MSL Manager (MSL: Moisture Sensitivity Level), the Dry Tower continuously monitors the stored material and its MSL value. When the material reaches the end of its floor lifetime, the Dry Tower can automatically store the component rolls in a separate area. In this reset area, a dry climate of 60°C prevails, which resets the floor lifetime.


RFID Technology


The position and status of these materials is always traceable through the use of RFID systems for the detection of magazines, component rolls and KLT boxes.


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