INSIGNUM 3000 Scan now with SIMPLEX

The new INSIGNUM 3000 Scan is now also equipped with the intuitively usable machine interface SIMPLEX. This allows it to be networked with other INSIGNUM systems. Access to the product pool, in which common product data is stored, is possible. Set-up times are reduced as production programs can be transferred one-to-one.



Intuitive Multi-Touch User Interface

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Complete Factory Concept with ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS

A famous German automotive supplier relies on ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS in his factory.


Management Statement On The Corona Crisis


Care Zero: New module for process control in depaneling machines


Electronics Newsletter 01/2020


Management Statement On The Corona Crisis


Positioning Accuracy Improved to 100µm

Thanks to the optimization of our clever calibration process, the positioning accuracy has been improved to +/-100µm@5Sigma.


Automation in the pharmaceutical industry: ASYS Life Science convinces

A well-known Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer relies on fully automated handling solutions from ASYS Life Science. The experts at ASYS TECTON are developing and implementing several loading and unloading systems for inspection and packaging lines in the production of liquids.


Spare spindle management made easy!

Thanks to the ASYS spare spindle management, a spare spindle is 100% available for our depaneling systems in case of malfunction.

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RFID user login at printer secures production processes

The password security of a general password is often weak because it spreads and gets around quickly. That‘s why we implemented RFID technology when logging in to the machine - for a safe and controlled operating process.